Houthi military spokesman: Our 2019' qualitative military operations hurt coalition, changed war equation to our advantage

2019-12-29 | Since 3 Month

Brigadier General Yahya SareeThe military spokesman of Houthi groupe (Ansar Allah), Yahya Saree, listed on Sunday a detailed report on what he called "developments of the combat situation on the fronts and the outcome of the year 2019."

In a press conference held today in Sana'a, Saree said that his group's military goals over the next year are "stop the aggression, lift the siege and impose new military equations based on sudden strike strategies."

He added: "Continuing to target our people and our country means the continuation of our forces in a legitimate and appropriate response, with painful strikes on what the leadership chooses from the three levels of the Targets Bank."

Saree revealed that the coalition warplanes launched 6,534 raids on 9 governorates during the year 2019, 50% of which targeted Saada governorate, in eastern western Yemen, with 3,615 strikes, followed by Hajjah Governorate, west of Yemen, which was exposed to more than 1427 air raids, then the capital, Sana'a, with more than 424 air raids, and Al-Jawf with 211 air raids, while the rest was distributed over the air raids in the other provinces.

"The attack ability of the drone air force has multiplied by 400% from what it was in 2018, and that the operations of the air force have reached 2087 reconnaissance operations and 5 joint qualitative attacks with the missile force, and 196 operations targeted enemy bases, installations and airports, including the operations of the Anad base and the Mokha and Al-Jala'a camps, in addition to targeting Saudi airports and military installations with 92 operations, most notably targeting the Shaybah field, the 1st deterrence balance, the 9th Ramadan operation, and the 2nd deterrence balance, while the number of joint air force operations with the artillery forces reached 46.", Saree stressed.

Saree said that his group's forces succeeded in repelling more than 1,226 military operations for the coalition forces, including 163 offensive operations, 656 marches, and 407 infiltration attempts.

He said that the most prominent of the large-scale military operations, was "the process of liberating areas in Al-Dhalea 'governorate, and the Victory from God operation in its 1st and 2nd stages, as well as a large-scale military operation that has not been announced yet."

He pointed out that the number of military operations carried out by their forces during the year 2019 amounted to "1686 operations along the scene of combat operations and the extension of the map of confrontations, including 607 offensive operations, 1044 raid operations and 35 infiltration operations."

He considered that the "qualitative and extensive" operations carried out by their forces "constituted a strategic turning point in the battle against the coalition and demonstrated the level of combat readiness and high spirits."

Saree noted that the year 2019 witnessed "the announcement of various military industries, including ballistic and wings missile systems and that entered service for the first time and achieved great successes."

Noting that their forces "managed to develop the air force during the year 2019, and were able to achieve great successes by carrying out dozens of qualitative offensive operations targeting enemy military installations inside and outside Yemen."

He said that if the years 2018-2017 were for ballistic missiles, then 2019 was the year of the winged missiles that became an important part of his group's missile arsenal, and one of the most important deterrent weapons they possess.

According to military spokesman of Houthi group (Ansar Allah), his group's air defense units were able to shoot down 96 coalition planes distributed between 7 combat planes, 9 low reconnaissance planes and 53 spy planes, while the group's snipers unit carried out 16,643 operations in which 228 Saudi and officer killed, 142 Sudanese, and 16050 Yemeni government forces.

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