Google Photos simplifies photo-sharing experience with integration of chat feature

2019-12-08 | Since 9 Month

Google makes it easier to share one-off photo content with your family and friends. — Picture from ViewApart/ via AFP-RelaxnewsSAN JOSE- Google has added a new Photos feature that makes it easier for users to share single photos and videos.

Instead of having to create an entire album, then adding a single photo that you want to share with friends and family, Google’s launch of a tool on the platform Monday simplifies the process of sharing one-off photos and videos.
The company introduced private conversations to the Photos app, which allows users to send individual images and clips to various people in individual ongoing chats. In addition to sharing media, the conversation lets users send text-based messages back and forth like a conventional messaging tool.
Images and videos can be liked by the chat participants and all visual content can be easily saved to everyone’s personal libraries if they wish. According to the company, this tool has not been designed “to replace the chat apps you already use,” its purpose is simply to simplify the sharing of memories.

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