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2019-10-18 | Since 9 Month
Making salads is not difficult. And the trick lies in the preliminary preparation. Once you have done that, the rest is a matter of a few minutes! After all, if you always have it half-prepared, the only thing that remains when you have a craving is to reach out to the fridge and cabinet and do a little adding and mixing. Instant gratification!
These are the things you would always have handy:

• Black pepper (half-crushed)
• Crushed Szechuan peppercorn
• Cans of beans and chickpeas
• Olive oil, a healthy salad dressing indeed
•  Pink salt
•  Tangy yoghurt, another delightful dressing!
• Onions, dipped in vinegar in order to get rid of the smell
• Finely cut or chopped chillies; chunks of ginger and garlic — all dipped in vinegar for that distinct taste
• Kashundi or mustard paste for that particular kick

Of course, you can add more to the list.
And once you have got the basic things ready and prepared, just follow your heart and play along your imagination.
For example, one salad that is totally out of this world is of spinach and hog plum. For that, you first need to parboil baby spinach leaves, and then boil hog plum to extract its pulp. Afterwards, mix the spinach with the pulp and olive oil, adding in chillies and onions. The tangy flavour of the spinach leaves is really appetising!
If boiled stuff is too mainstream for you, go for a charred salad — with garlic, onions, tomatoes, leek, and apples, all chopped and mixed with balsamic vinegar and salt, and charred with olive oil.
Of course, ideas are endless. When it comes to salads, the list of ingredients is indeed very long. From chicken strips to various fruits, and from potatoes to cheese, choices are diverse and myriad.
Salad is a very versatile food.
Just don’t overdo it, though, and ruin the very concept of it being a healthy meal!

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