Doctors reveal the role of gum in maintaining healthy teeth

2019-09-26 | Since 6 Month

Chewing gum after every meal for 10-15 minutes helps maintain healthy teeth and support chewing muscles.

"Chewing gum should be chewed after each meal for 10-15 minutes," says Dr. Igor Bondarenko, a professor in the department of dental surgery at Sechinov University.
He added that chewing gum helps to clean the oral cavity as a result of the production of a large amount of saliva, in addition to mechanical cleaning due to the adhesion of relatively large food residues on them.

Professor Bondarenko warned against using chewing gum as a substitute for the brush. "In order to get the hygiene required, the brush and floss should be used and if necessary, mouthwash," he said.
Chewing gum is a good way to keep chewing muscles in good condition, improve blood flow in the gums and give a refreshing feeling after a meal.

For his part, Dr. Alexei Boyferov, a professor in the department of dental treatment at Sechinov Medical University, that chewing gum does not pose any risk to the stomach, it is important not to swallow, and not to chew all day.

Doctors also suggest that it is necessary when choosing gum is better to contain a low content of sugar and dyes.

Bondarenko explained that there are cases where chewing gum is not recommended, such as gingivitis when the teeth are not fixed. Moreover, chewing is not recommended for people with dysfunction of chewing muscles.

According to him, "The issue of adding medicines to the gum - bacterial analyzers is being discussed, which helps create a natural flora in the oral cavity. Everyone can chew the new gum because the flora rate in most urban dwellers is below the required rate, and we want to increase it," which will increase. It is useful to chew gum.

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