A very simple sauce stops the development of breast cancer

2019-09-26 | Since 6 Month

Scientists at the University of Buffalo and Puerto Rico have discovered that onion and garlic sauce can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Puerto Rico's women who eat onion-based garlic saffreto have a 67 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer, says lead researcher Dr. Hauri Desai in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.

Desai pointed out that her study was based primarily on the results of previous studies on the effect of onions and garlic on the development of malignancies. Other scientists point out that onions and garlic are high in flavonoids and organic sulfur compounds. "These compounds have anti-cancer properties, as well as experimental animal studies," says Dr. Lina Mo, of the University of Buffalo.

The study was conducted in 2008-2014 and involved 346 patients, including 314 women with breast cancer.

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