Netflix buys rights to ‘Seinfeld’

2019-09-22 | Since 10 Month

Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards star in Seinfeld. (AFP)NEW YORK - Streaming giant Netflix said it had acquired the global rights to popular American sitcom “Seinfeld” from 2021 — a feather in its cap as the battle among online video platforms for coveted content heats up.

The company did not reveal the value of the transaction.

But the move was a bit of a rebound for Netflix, which has lost the rights to “Friends” from next year and to the American version of “The Office” from 2021 — the two most-watched series it has on offer.

The digital broadcast rights to “Seinfeld” have been held by Hulu, a Disney subsidiary, since 2015.

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