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Meet the woman with the record-breaking mouth gape, now a Guinness record holder

The nation press services
2021-08-02 | Since 2 Month

Samantha Ramsdell, a famous American TikToker from Connecticut, shared videos showing her wide mouth, measured 2.56 inches (6.52 cm).

According to the media, her video clips on social media made Ramsdell break all the world records, and enabled her to enter the Guinness Book of Records, for the largest female mouth gape in the world.

Samantha's account on “Tik Tok” has 1.7 million followers, and many of her videos are widely circulated.

These videos included duo videos with Isaac Johnson, the person with the world's largest men's mouth of 4 inches (about 10 centimetres).

Samantha told Guinness World Records that she was relieved by this wonderful feat that she did know whether ever it will be appreciated.

She never knew that she would set a record at the age of 31.

Social media users were quick to react.

On user commented that, “Miss Ramsdell is every dentist’s dream.” 

Social media users were convinced Ramsdell had the world’s widest mouth after they noticed her on one of her videos.

They messaged her to go for the Guinness. 

Her mouth was measured using digital calipers to calculate the length and width to determine its maximum stretch. 

Miss Ramsdell said that this new found fame would boost her in pursing her ambition to become a performer and comedian. 

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