Keys to make a woman accept to marry you

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2021-08-01 | Since 2 Month

There are many reasons that persuade a woman to marry a man, and in return he may issue several behaviors that distance her from him and push her to flee. The most important question remains, how do you make a woman surrender to you and accept marriage to you?

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to make a woman surrender to you and accept marriage, and most importantly, they are all easy and simple things that can be done without incurring any hardship.

Below we review a set of things that you should do in order to persuade a woman to surrender to you and accept marriage, which it is recommended to take into consideration.

be bold

You have to be bold and brave and avoid hesitation completely. A woman tends to associate with someone who is confident and bold, who instills in her a sense that he is worthy and capable of protecting her. At the same time, talk to her about your desire to settle down and start a family, and about your dreams and future projects.

Don't use offensive words and don't swear

Women hate men who use abusive words and don't stop cursing all the time, and it's best to avoid doing this completely, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Treat the girl you want to marry in a decent manner and be calm and sober, have manners, and lower your voice.

Don't be stingy

This does not mean that you shower her with expensive gifts, your financial situation has nothing to do with being stingy or generous, but it is about the way you express your feelings towards her. Don't talk about money all the time, and don't invite her to eat or drink in substandard places to save money.

Don't brag and stop talking about yourself

Women all the time alienate men who never stop talking about themselves and all the time flaunt what they have. It is best to ask questions about her personal and work life, and show how much you care about her. Have more in-depth conversations with the woman you want to marry and avoid talking about yourself and your accomplishments all the time.

be yourself

Never pretend and be natural, show your true personality because this way you will create an atmosphere of comfort, and you will appear confident in yourself. Women tend to associate with confident and self-confident men.

Show her how different she is

One of the things that attracts a woman to a man is her sense of how different she is from other women. The more you can show how different she is from other women, the more you can win her love, attract her to you, and convince her to marry you.

Give her all your attention

You can do this in different ways. You can tell her face to face that you love spending time with her, or send her messages telling her how much you care about her, and talk to her about her interests, projects, plans and dreams for the future.

Take care of yourself and be clean

Women are attracted to clean, self-interested men. Wearing bad socks or meeting her with dirty nails can kill romance. Girls tend to associate with the man they meet who is well-groomed, smells good, and wears matching clothes. His clothes don't have to be expensive but just the general appearance and impression he makes.

Be the merrier

When a girl feels that you are your fun personality and when you can put a smile on her lips and make her laugh, you will be able to take a step forward towards her heart, and if you keep this way you will eventually win her love, and convince her to marry you.

use music

Music and songs are one of the most important things that help you win a woman's heart. Share with her the music and songs you love, and tell her about your own taste. Research has shown that girls tend to associate with men who are interested in music.

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