Prime Minister calls international organizations to support government's relief efforts

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2021-07-31 | Since 2 Month

Prime Minister Ma'een Abdulmalik has called UN and international organizations to double its efforts and help government's efforts and efforts of local authority in Marib to rescue the displaced people and civilians against Houthi militia repeated attacks by rockets and drones.

In a telephone call with Governor of Marib Sultan al-Erada on Thursday, Prime Minister confirmed that Houthi militia's terrorist attacks- amid silence of international community- deepen humanitarian crisis and are considered a challenge to all UN and international efforts for peace, pointing out that the blood of all innocent shed by the militia will not be forgotten and their revenge will be taken sooner not later.

He was briefed by Governor of Marib al-Erada on field, military and security situations in the province and service and developmental domains.

He directed leadership of ministries of interior and defense and local authority to take legal deterring measures against sabotage acts targeting security and stability, the recent ones were attacking gas trucks at Irqain area.

For his part, Governor al-Erada acquainted prime minister with all current challenges in the province and future plans to deal with them, praising prime minister's care of following up situation developments in Marib.

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