Fondling your baby is a natural pain reliever

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2021-07-28 | Since 2 Month

A recent British study revealed that petting an infant reduces his brain activities associated with feeling pain, making it a natural way to relieve the infant's feeling of pain.
The study was conducted by a scientific team from the universities of "Oxford" and "John Moores" British, and included 32 infants, the research team monitored their brain activity, their heads and bodies were stroked with a soft brush, then some medical examinations were performed on them, and researchers found that petting infants It reduced the activity of feeling pain in the brain by 40%, which means that touching the infant works like a pain reliever, but it does not carry any harmful side effects such as drugs.
The researchers attributed the results of the study to the fact that foreplay activates sensitive nerve cells in the skin of infants, called “C-tactile afferents,” which have been proven to relieve pain, even in adults.

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