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2021-07-24 | Since 2 Month

Here are some tips that will help you put perfume in the right way to maintain an attractive and charming look at all times:

In principle, try not to rely heavily on perfumes with strong smells, because they may be repulsive to those around you, and thus negatively affect your appearance.

You have to know your limits well, there is no specific etiquette for choosing and applying perfumes except that its scent resulting from the interaction of its scent with the natural scent of your body, is attractive and striking. Choose the perfume that makes you feel self-confident, handsome and attractive when you wear it, and stay away from strong-smelling perfumes, as they may give the impression to others that you are an arrogant person who is difficult to associate with

For daily use of perfume, you should only put a little on your wrists, and above the chest area. This has nothing to do with the fact that these are the pulse areas as many think, but the reason is simply that these areas of the body are the first to meet the outside air.

In order to make sure that you are applying perfume correctly, no one should smell your perfume unless they are in close proximity to you, so if you are wearing perfume that smells good, know that you are not doing a good job. The general rule is that no one can catch your scent unless you are at most an arm's length away. Also, do not over-apply the perfume spray, it is enough to repeat it twice only on your body. And if you wear a light perfume, you have to spread it around your body from a distance of up to 90 cm, and you can also put your light perfume on the chest and arms area, because its smell is usually not pungent and not repulsive.

You should also realize, that at certain times it will be better to avoid wearing perfume for you than to put it on, for example, your evening perfume is a necessity so that you can seduce your wife as you want and feel confident and daring with her, but there are other situations in which putting perfume will be a serious mistake, such as putting perfume before heading For swimming in the pool, because the smell of chlorine in the swimming water will eliminate the smell of your perfume completely, as well as for swimming in the sea beaches, because sea water is rich in sandalwood and salt, which will also eliminate the smell of your perfume completely.

If you are going to work, you should wear a light perfume, as there is basically nothing to prevent you from wearing perfume when you go to work, but choose warm perfumes with calm smells such as vanilla and musk, as you want to keep a good smell in your work environment so that your colleagues do not alienate you, and it will be It is very bad to rely on your sexy evening perfume while you are at work, as this will convey a bad image to your colleagues that you are a person who is not a professional and is looking for a way to attract the attention of women. Try, for example, Balmain Monsieur Balmain perfume or Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume, they will give you vitality during your day at work.

Never, under any circumstances, put perfume on your clothes, because the smell of perfume will be repulsively pungent, and the composition of the perfume may lead to the destruction of the raw materials of the fabric, or leave oil stains in it that distort your clothes.. Also, do not spread perfume on the chest area directly, because it They will be with you in enclosed spaces, such as the elevator. They may repel the smell of your perfume, especially if it is very strong.

Finally, if your sweat smells bad, never try to hide it by putting a little after-shave perfume on your body’s sweating places, because its interaction with your body will produce a very bad smell, and the solution to the problem of heavy sweating, is to change your clothes several times a day, and not eat spicy foods And using a deodorant cream, and a perfume with a light and refreshing smell, even if it is a natural perfume such as the smell of lemon, for example.

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