Egyptian actress Yasmin out of ICU after slipping into coma due to medical error

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2021-07-24 | Since 2 Month

Egyptian artist and husband Ahmed Al Awadi announces the release of his actress wife Yasmin Abdulaziz from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Al Awadi announced that his wife had left the intensive care unit, referring to the beginning of her recovery, calling everyone to pray for her recovery.

The artist wrote on Facebook, “Thank God, Yasmine is out of intensive care unit. But the instructions of the treating doctors prohibits any visits for two weeks as the case is under severe medical care ... until the condition stabilises... I apologise for not responding, but please forgive me…”

Thank you all for your prayers for her, your good feelings and your love for her... Pray for her, may God keep her safe...”

The Egyptian actress slipped into a coma due to a medical error during a surgery last Saturday. She was transferred in the intensive care unit in a hospital.

Wael Abdelaziz, Yasmin’s brother, revealed, through his Facebook account that Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, sent an integrated medical team to follow up on her condition and supervise the doctors who performed the operation.

The star is the latest cultural personality to receive a UAE Golden Visa.

Many also interacted with Al Awadi's post on Facebook, in which they addresses Yasmin, stressing confidence in her recovery and her return again, and confirms the extent of their love for her, calling for prayers for her to overcome her health crisis.

A friend close to the artist spoke to the media, saying: "She is going through a serious health condition, as a result of a medical error during a major surgery that led to the deterioration of her health," explaining that she is about to undergo another major operation.

Egyptian artist Tamer Magdy wrote on Facebook that " Yasmin fell into a complete coma due to a medical error while she was undergoing an operation for bacterial infection."

Artists and users of social networking sites sympathised with the Egyptian artist in her health ordeal, while others denounced the medical professionals for the errors that caused Yasmin’s condition.

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