Bottle with a message found in Hawaii after 37 years is part of ocean current study

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2021-07-18 | Since 2 Month

A 9-year-old girl, named Abby Graham, while visiting “Hawaii Paradise Park” with her family, found a bottle containing a message sent from Japan 37 years ago. Parents Angie and John Graham said they thought the bottle contained sea garbage.

“Two days later, we opened the bottle, and came to know the message was sent by the natural science lab at Choshi High School in Chiba Prefecture, Japan,” said Abby.

The text of the message, which has been translated into English, Spanish and Japanese, read, "This bottle was thrown into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Choshi, Japan in July 1984.

Finders of the bottle are asked to contact the school lab and give it the coordinates of where it was found because the bottle is part of a scientific study on the ocean water current.”

The family said they have not yet been able to contact the lab or the study authors.

Father John Graham said: "We searched online, but because the site was all in Japanese, we weren't able to browse it. We are going to send a picture of the letter to the school at the attached address. We think the people who sent the letter are now 50 or 55."

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