Beat the heat: How to prevent make-up melting off your face this summer

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2021-07-18 | Since 2 Month

With heat and humidity at a high, you might think it’s pointless to even wear make-up in the first place given that it might just slide off your face anyway – but, if you want to wear it, don’t give up just yet.

While it is true that it can be difficult to keep your make-up looking fresh when it’s sweltering, there are ways to ensure that your foundation, mascara and contour stay in place, even though there is sweat.

To help you beat the heat, we’ve spoken to some leading make-up artists to put together a no-sweat survival guide to wearing make-up this summer.


Prime Time

According to make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon, who co-hosts the podcast Life & Lipstick and has written two best-selling beauty books, all good heat-proof make-up should start with prepping and priming the skin.

Potter-Dixon suggests starting with a few squirts of moisturiser on your face to add hydration as this will help your make-up last longer and sit better.

When it comes to choosing a primer, she suggests opting for something lightweight that will take away any excess oil.

Ace your base

Now that you have your oil under control by using a primer, Rachel O’Donnell, Mac global senior artist, says the next step should be looking for water-resistant, sweat-proof and humidity-proof products that will “tackle the humidity in the air and the sweat on your skin”.

Potter-Dixon suggests using a lightweight formula such as a tinted SPF (sun protection factor).

“This way you are getting your sun protection and a healthy glow in one. CC Cream is also a brilliant summer base as it evens out the complexion without adding too much weight.”

For optimum results, the make-up artist advises applying your foundation with a damp beauty blender to really work the product into the skin.

Waterproof everything

Waterproof products are great for super-sweaty days, particularly when it comes to avoiding pesky “panda eyes”.

But it’s not just your eye make-up that needs attention. Potter-Dixon also recommends investing in waterproof products for your lips and eyebrows. 

Ditch the powders

It’s not just mascara that requires a change in formula when the temperatures soar, according to the Independent.

Regrettably, sweat can cause powder products to streak when you get hot and bothered, so switching out powder blushes and eye-shadows for cream or gel-based versions is the perfect solution.

Similarly, O’Donnell says cream are designed to stay flexible for application and also “dry down and set, allowing you to have the ease of a cream but the longevity of a powder”.

Lock it in

If you know that you’re going to be out all day and don’t want to have to worry about constant touch-ups or your make-up fading then a setting spray is the answer.

“Setting sprays are a great way to lock your make-up in,” Potter-Dixon says.

“Simply spritz your face once your look is complete, holding the spray around 30cm away.”

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