Russian nutritionist dispels common misconceptions about milk

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2021-07-08 | Since 2 Month

Dr. Alexander Andreev, a Russian nutritionist, dispelled common misconceptions about the benefits and harms of milk.

He points out in a television interview, that it is impossible to get the necessary daily amount of calcium from one glass of milk. Because a cup of milk contains 34% of the calcium needed by the body per day, and 14% of the daily protein needs.

According to him, pasteurized milk is not harmful, but its shelf life is not more than one week. It is advised not to drink unpasteurized milk if its validity is not certain, and such milk must be boiled before eating it.

"The quality of the milk depends on the type of feed the cow eats. If it is good, the quality of the milk will be excellent, as it will be creamy and contain vitamins and minerals," he says.

Andreev stresses that cow's milk can be replaced with vegetable milk (coconut, soybean, almond). This does no harm to the body, but it is free from the amino acids found in animal milk.

The specialist points out that milk is beneficial for the body at all ages. However, it is not recommended to feed it to children under one year of age with milk sold in stores.

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