Pain in the chest and legs indicate your cholesterol levels are too high

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2021-07-08 | Since 3 Month

Pain in the chest or legs is a warning that cholesterol levels are too high, according to medical experts.

High cholesterol is the name given to high levels of a fatty substance in the blood, which can result in blockage of blood vessels, making a person feel a bad thing is happening to the chest or legs.


Left-side chest pain can be the result of a heart attack or another life-threatening condition, according to “WebMed.”

The NHS says: "Most chest pain is not a sign of a serious illness, but the person has to see a doctor."

Doctors say that pain, cramping, numbness or tiredness in the legs while walking or standing goes away once you take rest.

Some people with leg pain due to high cholesterol reported they had a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, or burning in one or both legs.

According to doctors, high cholesterol does not cause any significant symptoms, so it is very difficult to know whether you have it or not.

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