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Ear buds with loudspeaker to solve hearing problems

The nation press services
2021-07-08 | Since 2 Month

The German company “Fibrosonic” developed new ear buds with a built-in loudspeaker has attached directly to the eardrum.

The new device proved very effective in solving hearing problems.

The German Association for the Hearing Impaired people said about 15 million Germans suffer from hearing loss, and in some cases, traditional hearing aids succeed in improving hearing, but most of these devices contain a loudspeaker inside the user's ear canal, causing sound distortions which impairs sound quality.

Traditional hearing aids also have a microphone placed behind the ear, which is susceptible to interference by noises such as wind and other unwanted sounds.

The new contact ear buds amplify sound in frequency range of 80 Hz to 12 kHz, a rate which traditional systems cannot reach.

The new ear buds are composed of an acoustic contact lens, an auditory canal unit and a behind-the-ear unit.

The acoustic contact lens and auditory canal unit are fitted securely within the auditory canal, while the amplifier is placed directly on the eardrum, transmitting vibrations without noise.

The sound is transmitted to the ear via direct mechanical stimulation, very similar to natural sounds.

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