Stress in the workplace due to lack of resources

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2021-07-04 | Since 3 Month

Provide the necessary resources and supplies to enable employees to perform their duties

Work stress is “the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the demands of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the employee.” Employees who are expected to perform tasks without the necessary resources and supplies will feel weak and will become stressed as a result. It must be ensured that the work delegated to an employee can be accomplished using the available resources. A means must also be provided to clearly communicate the needs of employees and to provide them with appropriate resources when required.

Employees need training to do their jobs well

One source of job stress is the disparity between a person's abilities and the requirements of the job they are being asked to do. Often, this pressure can be relieved with training and education. A properly trained and educated employee has the confidence and ability he needs to do his job well and manage his stress better. More experienced staff can help with the exercises. This will improve morale and will help in transferring institutional knowledge from the older to the younger workers.

Employees can also be allowed to rotate among other departments of the company for cross-training, provide access to external education at colleges or training centers, or even provide funding for distance learning through online programs.

Employees need to communicate with managers and co-workers

When employees are able to communicate with those they work with, it relieves a lot of their stress. Just knowing that communication is open between an employee and his manager helps in improving their psychology tremendously. Often, the employee does not need to change his status, he just needs someone to hear him and encourage him positively to move on with his life. Fifteen minutes of talking to an empathetic coworker can take away days of stress and anxiety.

Regular meetings can be held with employees to discuss problems, workloads, concerns, and adjustments that need to be made. These meetings will serve as communication with them. The manager can try to make time for individual consultations and have fun when people need to talk.

When employees are given an opportunity to express their concerns and interact with each other, they find that many have the same concerns and can think together and come up with viable solutions. Communication can help build relationships between staff and learn to rely on each other for help. One-to-one support is a way to reduce stress on employees.

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