Aspirin could reduce the risk of death in cancer patients by 20 per cent

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2021-07-04 | Since 3 Month

A new study indicates that aspirin could reduce the risk of death from breast, colon and prostate cancer by 20%.


Doctors at the British Cardiff University conducted a review of previous observational studies on patients with 18 types of cancer, including breast, colon and prostate cancer with 250,000 patients, and found that consuming aspirin reduced deaths by 20%.

Researchers said cancer patients should be encouraged to raise the issue of consuming aspirin with their doctors.

Study leader Professor Peter Elwood, who has studied the effects of aspirin for more than 50 years, said, "Our research indicates that not only does aspirin help reduce the risk of death, but it also reduces the spread of cancer within the body, the so-called metastatic spread."

Scientists said that the benefits of consuming aspirin are not limited to one type of cancer, after conducting research on 118 studies to affirm their results, which included 250,000 suffering from 18 different types of cancer.

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