Indian bride calls off marriage after groom fails to read newspaper without glasses

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2021-06-25 | Since 3 Month

There have been stories in the past about girls rejecting the groom over dowry demands, addiction to alcohol or drugs and in a few cases over looks. But it is quite rare that a girl rejects her husband-to-be on the day of her marriage just because he can’t read a newspaper without glasses.

This is exactly what happened in Auriya district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh  where a bride called off her wedding merely because the groom could not read the newspaper without glasses.

At the time when the alliance was fixed the groom's family stated that he was a 'well-educated' man.

According to local media reports, one Arjun Singh had fixed his daughter Archana's marriage with a man named Shivam. When the ‘baraat’ (marriage procession) arrived at the bride’s house on June 20, the groom was wearing spectacles all the time.

The girl’s family asked him read a Hindi newspaper without glasses but he could not. Archana refused to marry him.

They then filed a complaint at the nearby police station and demanded that the groom's family return all the dowry that was given to them, including cash and a motorcycle.

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