Diet for girls to burn belly fat

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2021-06-24 | Since 3 Month

Girls, especially at the age of twenty, want to follow a diet that burns belly fat in a few days without being at risk. So here are the most prominent diet to burn belly fat in 5 days.

Dieting rules

Focuses on the need to eat vegetables, especially during breakfast.

You should stop eating ready-made foods.

Emphasize the importance of exercise.

Not to miss any of the daily meals and avoid eating food, especially sweets, in the intervals between them.

Eat 3 main meals a day and a healthy snack.

Reducing the consumption of soft drinks and industrial juices that contain a high percentage of sugar and replacing them with natural ones or only water.

Focus on eating vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken meat, provided that they are prepared in a healthy way, such as grilling or boiling.

Eat eggs without salt during breakfast and green salad with a grilled dish during lunch.

Eat a piece of fruit or two chocolate bars or two tablespoons of low-sugar jam during the snack.

It is better not to make the mistake of stopping eating carbohydrates because they do not cause weight gain. It also helps to feel full and enjoy energy during the day.

Dieting program


A cup of hot drink. In this case, tea or coffee can be taken, but without sugar.

A glass of milk without fat and without sugar

1 cup of unsweetened breakfast cereal

A medium-sized piece of toast or whole-grain bread, one fruit.

lunch and dinner

A dish containing cooked vegetables with a small amount of salt

A plate of pasta with vegetables with a plate of mixed salad or tabbouleh, or two medium-sized pieces of grilled fish with healthy soup.

A sweetener can be added to the meal, which may be a cup of unsweetened yogurt with fruits or a seasoned fruit.

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