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2021-05-31 | Since 2 Month

Coriander is characterized by many natural antioxidants and the fatty acid petrosinic acid, which have given it therapeutic properties that are useful in treating some health problems, most notably:

Weight loss: It breaks down fats and cholesterol, which leads to weight loss.

Helps reduce stomach cramps and extremities, which increases the feeling of comfort and relaxation

It works to purify the blood from toxins such as uric acid, some compounds and hormones produced by the body, and heavy metals.

It acts as a natural pain reliever, as it is considered effective in relieving dental, joint and headache pain, as well as pain resulting from injuries or trauma.

Rich in elements that contribute to reducing blood sugar in the body, and it is useful for people who suffer from this disease by adding it to their diet.

It acts as a natural deodorant and prevents the growth of bacteria around the sweat glands, and eliminates the smell of sweat.

It contains antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and harmful UV rays that cause aging.

It contributes to reducing digestive problems because it has natural gas-repellent properties and a treatment for flatulence.

The anti-bacterial properties of coriander seeds have an effective effect on getting rid of those bacteria that infect the skin and mouth.

Coriander components act as anti-microbial and anti-bacterial infections in the urinary tract.

Coriander helps improve mood, relaxes and reduces anxiety and tension.

It is used to promote skin health because it contains high levels of antioxidants that protect against damage caused by stress, environmental pollution, the aging process and sunlight.

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