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The largest Russian diamond sold at auction in Geneva for one billion rubles

The nation press services
2021-05-14 | Since 1 Month

The major Russian company "El Russia" sold the largest diamond in the history of polishing Russian diamonds weighing 100.94 carats at an auction in Geneva for one billion rubles, equivalent to 13.5 million dollars.

This was reported by auction house Christy, saying that the Russian diamond, The Spectacle, was sold for 12.84 million Swiss francs, knowing that experts evaluated its price before the bid at 12-18 million Swiss francs.

According to information received from the Russian diamond mining company (Al Rossa) that put the aforementioned diamond up for sale, the diamond was polished from a 207.29 carat piece mined in 2016 in the Republic of Yakutia in northeastern Russia.

As for the diamond itself, it was manufactured a year and a half ago. It is distinguished by its colorlessness and has received the highest ratings by experts in the Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for its perfect clarity.

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