The Israeli Army: 1,500 rockets have been fired from Gaza since the escalation began

The nation press services
2021-05-13 | Since 1 Month

The Israeli army announced that the Palestinian factions have fired more than 1,500 rockets at Israel since the escalation on the border with the Gaza Strip began last Monday.

The Israeli army indicated that about 350 rocket launches were unsuccessful, and the shells fell inside the Gaza Strip, adding that the "Iron Dome" air defense system was able to intercept hundreds of missiles.

According to the Israeli army, 180 rockets were fired at Israel after 6 pm on Wednesday, and that the "Iron Dome" intercepted dozens of them.

It is noteworthy that the "Hamas" movement launched a barrage of rockets at Israel in recent days, against the backdrop of clashes in Jerusalem between Israeli forces and Palestinians protesting the displacement of Sheikh Jarrah's families.

The Israeli army bombed sites inside the Gaza Strip, resulting in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

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