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The Netherlands devises a "strange" method to detect the Corona virus

The nation press services
2021-05-06 | Since 1 Month

Dutch researchers have trained a group of bees, which have a strong sense of smell, to detect samples infected with the Coronavirus, in a discovery that they say will reduce waiting times for test results to only seconds.

To train bees, researchers at the Veterinary Research Laboratory at the University of "Wageningen" gave sugar-sweetened water as a reward after displaying them on samples contaminated with Covid-19.

In return, the bees were deprived of the reward after being shown to samples not infected with the virus.

Wim van der Boel, a professor of virology who was involved in the project, said that after it gets used to the system, the bee spontaneously extends its tongue for a reward when it presents infected samples.

The researchers said that getting the bees out of their tongues to drink is to confirm that the sample is infected with the virus.

It takes hours and maybe days to get the result of the Corona virus test, but the bees provide the result immediately.

This new method is also inexpensive, which makes it useful in countries where testing is low.

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