Sudan Confiscates More Bashir Family Properties

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2021-05-04 | Since 1 Month

The Sudanese Committee on Dismantling of June 30 Regime announced that it confiscated new properties possessed by ousted president Omar al-Bashir, his wife Widad and their children, as well as by the former Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service.

The committee also revealed that properties by members of the former regime were being used in money laundering schemes.

“The committee has restored a considerable numbers of land plots, shares and real estate from the toppled president and his family,” it said, adding that it also terminated services of hundreds of public employees who were appointed for their allegiance to the regime.

During a press conference on Sunday, Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Mohammed Al-Fakki Suleiman lauded the Cabinet and the transitional sovereign council for renewing confidence in the committee, which underscores the interim government’s commitment to fight corruption.

The Committee accused on Sunday parties operating outside the country of transferring five million dirhams to be used by the elements of the ousted regime to destabilize the country.


Committee member Salah Manaa described those attempts as “acts of sabotage” in the country.

“Specialized judicial apparatuses already arrested a number of suspects. We have also contacted foreign parties and asked them to turn over the others,” he said.

Another member of the committee, Wajdi Saleh, revealed that lands were used by members of the regime as means for money laundering to obtain bank loans.

Saleh said the committee has restored land plots from Al-Mamoun Abdel Mutalab, Hassan Bargo, Tegani Sissi, in addition to 324 plots from Al-Fayha Company.

The Committee also ordered that agricultural lands from former Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service, Mohammed Atta Almula Abass, be restored.

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