What type of sweat indicates a health risk?

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2021-05-01 | Since 1 Month

The Russian doctor, Lyudmila Lapa, explained that the cold sweat accompanied by a high temperature indicates the need to see a doctor.

In a televised interview, the doctor indicated that sweating refers to two things: poisoning or an increase in the internal body temperature, and the sweat may be cold or hot, and each case indicates a specific matter.

She says, "When the sweat is cold, you should pay attention to the condition of the lungs. Because it may indicate the beginning of infections in them, or the exacerbation of a chronic disease. Therefore, the temperature must be measured. If it appears that it is high, the doctor should be called immediately, because this is a dangerous indicator."

And she adds, intense sweating may often indicate that the body is exposed to a strong viral attack, and in this case, a doctor should also be consulted, to determine the necessary measures.

She says, in general, you should pay attention to this problem, and see a doctor, because it is a disease that affects the endocrine system. As everyone does in the event of a feeling of a rapid heartbeat. Because it is a really serious problem.

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