When is a man entitled to a second marriage according to Sharia?

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2021-04-22 | Since 3 Week

Sharia permitted a man to a second marriage, setting some conditions that guarantee the first wife her full rights, regardless of the reasons for the second marriage, and the first of which was achieving justice in general, with regard to alimony, accommodation, treatment and marital cohabitation, lack of comparison between wives, preference for one over the other, fairness in the treatment of children and support for them, and without If these conditions are met, the husband does not have the right to polygamy, and he is satisfied with only one.

Our Islamic religion did not order polygamy, except that it specified cases in which a man is entitled to a second marriage according to Sharia, including:

- If the wife is infertile, she cannot have children with the man’s desire to have children and start a family.

A man’s desire to conceal absolute Muslim’s nakedness or to ensure that orphans are cared for by their widowed mother.

The presence of many urgent cases that require sexual intercourse, such as the husband's long-term travel abroad

The wife's affliction with a chronic, incurable disease that prevents her from fulfilling her marital duties

The wife’s refusal to have sexual intercourse and her permanent aversion.

Is it permissible religiously to hide the second marriage?

The man may be hidden for the second marriage, in the event that his marriage is outside the country and the two wives are not in the same country; In the event that the first and second wife are present in one country, the first wife must be informed of the news of the marriage, otherwise this is considered deception and deceit.

It is a condition that the first wife be informed of the second marriage, in order to achieve justice and give each of them her legal rights of overnight stay and alimony, and not favor one over the other.

It is also permissible to conceal the second marriage religiously, in the event that the man is outside the country and there is an urgent desire to marry in order to pardon himself, and this does not nullify the rights of the first wife.

A man conceals his second marriage with many negatives, including:

Harm the second wife and cause enmity between children

Demolition of the mutual trust between the spouses, as a result of the secrecy of the second marriage

Failure of wives to obtain their legal rights equally to injustice to one at the expense of the other

The first wife is also entitled, in the event that she refuses to marry the second and suffers any material or moral harm, the tithe refers to separation from the husband and the request for divorce due to harm.

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