Ibtisam Al-Shamlan is among ten pioneering women in aviation in the Middle East

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2021-04-15 | Since 4 Week

Ibtisam Mohammed Al-Shamlan, Assistant Undersecretary for Air Transport and Aviation Security and Safety at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Bahrain, was chosen among ten pioneering women working in the field of civil aviation in the Middle East countries, in the Journal of Aviation Business.

33 years in civil aviation

Al-Shamlan is one of the distinguished female figures whose family responsibility did not prevent her from engaging in public and community work, and who, with her perseverance, was able to have a broad base of experience for more than 33 years in the field of civil aviation, and through her societal role and outstanding contributions, she moved to an advanced stage of work at the level of Supporting women in Bahrain as the first woman in Bahrain to hold the position of Assistant Undersecretary for Air Transport and Aviation Safety and Security.

Al-Shamlan pointed out that the progress made by Bahraini women in the areas entrusted to them thanks to the system of integrated support that Bahraini women enjoy by the Supreme Council for Women headed by Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the wife of the King, contributed to the achievement of many qualitative achievements for Bahraini women at the local level. And make it stand on an equal footing with its counterparts in developed countries around the world, and have a high position in its society and its homeland.

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