How to install perfume at home?

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2021-04-14 | Since 4 Week

The consistency of a fragrance is one of the main factors in choosing a perfume over others, as the longer the fragrance remains on your body and the scent continues to envelop you, the greater its value and the greater the pleasure you get from spraying it. Therefore, perfumers resort to relying on perfume spray in addition to the quality of the essential oil used

What is perfume fixative?

The aromatic fixative is the ingredient that perfumers turn to to make the fragrance last longer. They mix it with essential oil and alcohol to extend the life of the fragrance and spread its aroma as it should. The fixative may be naturally composed of natural materials such as white musk, glycerine, or sandalwood. The second type is synthetic consisting of sodium benzoate.

Fragrance fixation methods:

There are several materials or components that you can resort to to fix the fragrance to you, some of them are:

White musk: Musk delays the evaporation process of the perfume, which makes its composition last longer, and you can take advantage of musk to fix your favorite perfume by using musk raw paste by rubbing it on your skin after showering and before spraying the perfume.

Glycerin: Glycerin is a great moisturizer for the skin as it is odor-free. You can use it and apply it to the pulse points of your body before spraying the perfume to help it settle.

Almond oil: Mix a few drops of raw almond oil with your favorite perfume, keep it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours, and then use it on your skin before spraying the perfume or alone and enjoy.

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