Can you benefit from sleep in building muscle?

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2021-04-14 | Since 4 Week

Sleep works to treat muscle damage and helps them grow through the secretion of the hormone estrogen during sleep, which in turn increases muscle strength.

Sleep also plays a big role in immune function and bodybuilding, and we will give some of the points in this area:

Make sure that the lights in the house are completely off, as these lights reduce the production of the hormone melatonin, which helps build muscles, and prevent your body from fully relaxing.

Do not use personal electronic devices an hour before bed, studies have shown that those who do the opposite face problems during sleep.

Before bed, try a simple breathing exercise, which can help you tame thoughts and get a peaceful night's sleep.

You should choose the right pillows during sleep, which help you to have a better life, with a much better sleep experience.

Sleep should be for 8 continuous hours, in order to give the body sufficient time to get rest, get rid of stress, anxiety and tension.

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