The Hospital by Brian Alexander

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2021-04-11 | Since 1 Month

The Hospital by Brian Alexander is an eye opening account of America’s healthcare system as it plays out in a community hospital in Bryan, Ohio.

“It brings to life the fact that America’s healthcare system is in trouble and until we begin to address the root causes of this healthcare crisis, things will never change. Alexander gave a face to this issue by introducing us to people who are struggling right now,” said a review in 

Alexander “has given us an unflinching, uncomfortable look at our healthcare system and challenges us to face the obvious: So many people in our country suffer from poor health and the role that we allow poverty to play in that neglect is costly,” said the review.

“The narratives of the Bryan residents and patients that are woven throughout the text are heartfelt and often tragic. Some die, some suffer needlessly, some recover. But it always seems to come down to systemic poverty,” the review added. 

“This is an excellent account of what it takes to keep a smaller hospital in business.”

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