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Women attach special importance to perfumes, as they are well known to be the main complement to their look and elegance. As it is known, the scents of sandalwood, oud, musk and amber are preferred by many, so they tend to perfumes that focus mainly on these tones, which increase their charm and attractiveness.

In what follows, we will present to you a group of international favorites and loved ones for women.

La Vie est Belle by Lancome:

This attractive fragrance from Lancome is one of the favorite perfumes for women, and they use it frequently during their occasions, due to its elegant scent that mixes lily, pear, patchouli and white musk, making it a very distinctive and favorite perfume.

Versace Eros Pour Femme: In addition to its fragrant and captivating scent, this perfume is distinguished by its very elegant bottle, which adorns the wardrobe of many women. This fragrance is mainly focused on sandalwood, musk, amber and multiple woods, in addition to bergamot and pomegranate, which are all of the distinctive and most used oriental tones.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid:

This fragrance is characterized by its warm and elegant scent, which made it one of the favorite perfumes of women who are eager to have it. It is a mixture of caramel, sugar, honey, Italian bergamot, floral notes such as jasmine, orchid and plaque orchid notes, in addition to sandalwood and raw leather infused with vanilla.

Ôud Bouquet, L'autre Oud, Ôud Ambroisie:

This group of oud perfumes represents the luxury of oriental notes par excellence, especially since Oud is the favorite scent of women from ancient times to today, which explains the great demand for these perfumes in particular.

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