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Expo 2020 Dubai offers rich art and cultural experiences: Hayat Shamsuddin

As Senior Vice President, Arts and Culture, Expo 2020 Dubai (Oct. 1 – Mar. 31, 2022), Dr Hayat Shamsuddin is responsible for overseeing that Expo 2020 Dubai offers rich and diverse cultural initiatives and content across the organisation, ensuring millions of visitors to the World Expo enjoy

UAE design platform MENASA tells Emirati stories at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Design and Crafts Programme has launched MENASA – the Emirati Design Platform which showcases more than 40 local and international designers who tell stories of the UAE through curated design collections. Millions of visitors to Expo 2020 (Oct. 1 – Mar. 31, 202

Camel carvings in Saudi Arabia thought to be world’s oldest large-scale animal reliefs

DUBAI: A recent study has revealed that a series of camel sculptures in Saudi Arabia that were first discovered in 2018 are likely to be the oldest surviving large-scale animal reliefs in the world.  The researchers behind the new study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Scienc

The common good of collectivists and republicans

public good The question of the public good is considered by different disciplines (philosophy, law, public economics, etc. under several meanings, but they all refer to the specific possibility and requirements of tangible or intangible goods common to all individuals of the same public space,

On Freedom

Maggie Nelson’s new book will no doubt make a profound impact on the world of ideas and the world of letters.Nelson’s intellectual range is as impressive as ever as she turns her characteristically keen eye to the word and practice of freedom.Compared to Nelson’s previous books,

"Palestine from Above" an art exhibition that rewrites false history

Using a combination of archival materials and visual arts, the historical exhibition “Palestine from Above” presents an attempt to understand the role of aerial photography in the service of colonialism and its control over Palestinian land. The exhibition, which opened on Saturday ev

Future tense, present perfect in Sara Galadari’s novel ‘The Elemental’

“Too often we wish for the power to alter the past and change our present. Rarely do we realise the power we have to alter the present and change our future,” says Sara Galadari, author of the dark fantasy novel, “The Elemental.” And she sets out to alter the present &mdas

Saudi illustrator dives into digital art to highlight community’s daily life

JEDDAH: Although digital illustration is not the easiest medium to work in, Bayan Yassin has adopted it to broadcast her ideas to a wider audience. Yassin, a 27-year-old conceptual artist and a writer with a flair for illustration, talked to Arab News about her art.Each of her artworks embodies t

Pakistani celebrities spotted at Minal and Ahsan’s wedding

Pakistani actress Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin finally got married on Friday. The Nikah ceremony was held in the presence of many close friends and relatives of the groom and the bride. The actress was wearing traditional red attire with elegant embroidery, while the groom was looking dashing in

A Minute With: Guitarist Noel Hogan on The Cranberries New Book

Irish music magazine Hot Press looks at the rise to fame of Limerick rockers The Cranberries in a new book approved by the band and late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan’s estate. “Why Can’t We?” features interviews as well as previously unseen pictures. It is curated by

Expo 2020 and Dubai Alserkal arts hub team up on cultural program

DUBAI: With less than 30 days to go until Expo 2020, there are certainly plenty of things to look forward to. In addition to a series of live performances being kicked off by legendary Iraqi crooner Kadim Al-Sahir and a slew of international restaurants sure to entice even those with the most disc

Book authored by Turkey's President Erdoğan goes on sale

Abook detailing Turkey's struggle for global justice authored by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hit shelves Monday, In the book, titled "A Fairer World Is Possible," Erdoğan highlights the deadlocks that global politics face, including injustice, refugee crises, international terrorism and Islamo

Middle Eastern writers ask Hollywood to ‘take more chances’ on them

The Middle Eastern Writers Committee, a new group that is part of Writers Guild of America West, has asked the US film industry to acknowledge their talent and to “take more chances” on them in an open letter published this week.    “Reach out to us. Get to know

Book Fairs in the Gulf Get Back on their Feet

Despite the coronavirus pandemic’s immense implication for the world of publishing in the region and across the globe, Gulf international book fairs are getting back on their feet. These cultural events that are crucial for publishing, by shedding light on local and international authors, as

The launch of the 10th edition of the Million Poet

The Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals Management Committee in Abu Dhabi announced the launch of the “Million’s Poet” program in its tenth season, and the opening of registration for poets wishing to participate through its website until the tenth of next September. Th

Emirati author Sara Galadari launches bestselling novel ‘The Elemental’

Emirati author, Sara Galadari, launched her latest novel “The Elemental,” which is now available on Kindle and as a bestseller on Amazon UAE.A modern visionary and an avid storyteller, Sara combines a suspenseful mystery set in elements of dark fantasy, time travel, and the searc

Library book about collecting coins returned 50 years overdue with a $20 note

Abook checked out a half-century ago was anonymously returned to a library in north-eastern Pennsylvania in the US, officials said. The Wilkes-Barre newspaper The Citizens’ Voice reported the 1967 copy of Coins You Can Collect by Burton Hobson arrived last month at

‘Love In The Time Of Corona’ to launch early next year

A person good in love is always a good warrior to protect his love from any harm either created by pandemic or forced by society, said Abdel Rahman Tahboub, Palestinian author and media consultant based in Dubai for years, while talking to the Gulf Today. In the interview, he shed light on his de