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UK vaccine frontrunner could be available in first half of 2021

A leading British scientist has said a Covid-19 vaccine could be rolled out across the country as early as the first half of next year. Professor Robin Shattock leads the team working on Imperial College London’s vaccine, one of the UK’s two most promising research programs. He told Sky

Virus spread, not politics should guide schools, doctors say

As the Trump administration pushes full steam ahead to force schools to resume in-person education, public health experts warn that a one-size-fits-all reopening could drive infection and death rates even higher. They’re urging a more cautious approach, which many local governments and school

Racism in Health Care Isn’t Always Obvious

As physicians from three distinct racial minorities, our lives are defined by an innate tension. On one hand, we experience the privilege of being highly educated professionals, often with power dynamics and societal respect on our side. On the other hand, we are part of a system that provides unequ

WHO rethinking how Covid-19 spreads in air

The World Health Organization has acknowledged there is emerging evidence that the coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air. The airborne transmission could not be ruled out in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings, an official said. If the evidence is confirmed, it

WHO Acknowledges 'Evidence Emerging' of Airborne Spread of COVID-19

The World Health Organization on Tuesday acknowledged “evidence emerging” of the airborne spread of the novel coronavirus, after a group of scientists urged the global body to update its guidance on how the respiratory disease passes between people.“We have been talking about the p

‘Desperation science’ slows the hunt for coronavirus drugs

Desperate to solve the deadly conundrum of COVID-19, the world is clamoring for fast answers and solutions from a research system not built for haste. The ironic, and perhaps tragic, result: Scientific shortcuts have slowed understanding of the disease and delayed the ability to find out which drug

Struggling With Pandemic Fatigue?

Becoming complacent with physical distancing and mask wearing drives high risk behavior. Try these tips to stay the course. THERE ARE COUNTLESS reasons why people are getting tired of the COVID-19 guidelines. At the outset, people were largely following the governmental recommendations. A few month

Global experts warn of coronavirus airborne threat

An international group of 239 scientists on Monday urged authorities including the World Health Organization to recognize that the coronavirus can spread in the air at distances well beyond two metres (six feet), and to revise their prevention guidelines accordingly. In a commentary that appeared i

5 Reasons to add green tea to your diet

Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, shares her bite-sized advice on the superfoods that will help you lead a longer and healthier life… Most of us love a nice cup of tea, in fact it’s the second most popular beverage in the world after water. But how

More infectious coronavirus mutation now most common strain: Researchers

A new, more infectious mutation of coronavirus is now the most common strain, researchers have warned. Researchers from the UK’s University of Sheffield, Duke University and Los Alamos National Laboratory — both in the US — have warned that COVID-19 has improved its ability to

WHO sees first results from COVID drug trials within two weeks

The World Health Organization (WHO) should soon get results from clinical trials it is conducting of drugs that might be effective in treating COVID-19 patients, its Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday.“Nearly 5,500 patients in 39 countries have so far been recruited int

WHO: Middle East at ‘critical threshold’ in coronavirus numbers

The World Health Organization warned Wednesday the Middle East was at a decisive moment in the fight against the coronavirus, with cases surging as countries ease lockdown measures.“We are at a critical threshold in our region,” the WHO’s Middle East head, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, said i

Oxford University has seen ‘right sort of immune response’ in potential COVID-19 vaccine trial

A leading scientist behind the University of Oxford’s potential COVID-19 vaccine said on Wednesday the team has seen the right sort of immune response in trials, which have entered the Phase III clinical stage.Speaking at a parliamentary hearing, Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at the

China Approves Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

A potential coronavirus vaccine, Ad5-nCoV has been granted limited approval in China. The vaccine was jointly produced by Chinese biopharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics Inc and Institute of Biotechnology under the Academy of Military Medical Sciences. The drug has received approval for a year an

WHO Warns: The Worst of The Coronavirus is Yet to Come

"Although many countries have made some progress, the pandemic is accelerating," WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a virtual news conference. Six months after China first alerted the agency to a new respiratory infection, the grim milestone of 10 million confirmed infectio

5 reasons to add apples to your diet

 Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, shares her expert advice on the superfood that will help you lead a longer and healthier life. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” might be a common saying, but this cheap and easily available fruit rarely m

Chinese researchers warn of new virus in pigs with human pandemic risk

A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to be watched closely in case it becomes a potential “pandemic virus,” a study said, although experts said there is no imminent threat.A team of Chinese researchers looked at influenza viruses found in p

Strong muscles may support the immune system

A new study in mice has revealed that muscle mass may help maintain a strong immune system.New research in mice has revealed that strong skeletal muscles play an important role in maintaining an effective immune system. This is particularly the case during severe chronic illnesses, which can otherwi

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