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The 13 emotions that music evokes in us

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley has identified and mapped the 13 subjective experiences that different kinds of music can evoke in people. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted a playlist of musical tracks to put you in a certain mood — for example, to mot

AI 'outperforms' doctors diagnosing breast cancer

Artificial intelligence is more accurate than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms, a study in the journal Nature suggests. An international team, including researchers from Google Health and Imperial College London, designed and trained a computer model on X-ray images from nearly 2

Scrap 'quick-fix diets and tea-toxes' this New Year

Diet pills, "tea-toxes" and appetite suppressant products are no quick fix, says Prof Stephen Powis, NHS medical director. Products making this claim can have side-effects, including diarrhoea and heart issues, he warns. Getting in shape safely takes time and requires eating sensibly, and exerci

Fasting diets may add years to your life as well as help you lose weight, new study suggests

New research suggests that people who use the trendy new diets that involve intermittent fasting may actually be adding years to their lives. It turns out the celebrities promoting the lifestyle, like Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, may actually be onto something.There are several types of

Vaping May Increase the Risk of Chronic Respiratory Disease

A recent outbreak of deadly lung illnesses linked to vaping has put the practice in health professionals’ and regulators’ crosshairs. Now the first longitudinal population-based study of e-cigarette use in a representative sample of U.S. adults suggests it increases the risk of many chro

How Disinformation Hacks Your Brain

Three years ago, Edgar Welch sent a text message to a friend announcing he was “Raiding a pedo ring, possibly sacraficing [sic] the lives of a few for the lives of many.” Two days later, he drove 350 miles to a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor called Comet Ping Pong and entered with a .38

Company recalls hard-boiled eggs eyed in Listeria outbreak

The Georgia company behind hard-boiled eggs that last week were named by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the possible culprit in a multi-state Listeria outbreak that’s killed at least one has recalled the product. Almark Foods voluntarily issued the recall for Hard-Boil

More than 1,000 pounds of pork sausage recalled over plastic contamination concerns

Heads up, consumers: an Illinois-based company is recalling more than 1,000 pounds of its pork sausage products over concerns the meat is contaminated with “extraneous material, specifically hard, dark plastic,” federal officials said last week. In a Friday news release, the U.S. Depart

Millions of Americans are driving under the influence of marijuana, CDC says

The most recent national estimates of drivers who operate a car under the influence of marijuana put the numbers in the millions, according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thursday's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found that in 2018, 12 million America

Saudi Arabian entrepreneur creates smart device to fight opioid crisis

Joanne Serrieh A 24-year-old Saudi Arabian entrepreneur has created a smart pill dispenser to help save lives amid an ongoing opioid crisis that has hit hard the US and various countries over the past 10 years. Yossuf Albanawi worked part-time at a rehab center, while a student at Wake Forest Univ

'Shocking' amount of sugar found in festive coffee chain drinks

When you treat yourself to a festive coffee from a cafe this Christmas you could unwittingly be consuming as much sugar as is contained in four white-chocolate and strawberry muffins, a study found.Action on Sugar, a campaign group in the UK, tested some of the popular seasonal offerings at coffee c

Foods That You Should Never Refrigerate

By Jason Albert   Fridges are one of the most important parts of our kitchen. The ability to cool our food can keep them fresher for longer, saving time, money, and reduces the risks of eating spoiled foods. However, not all that glitters eis gold – while your milk may benefit from cool

WHO decries ‘collective failure’ as measles kills 140,000

London - Measles infected nearly 10 million people in 2018 and killed 140,000, mostly children, as devastating outbreaks of the viral disease hit every region of the world, the World Health Organization said on Thursday12-5-2019. In figures described by its director general as “an outrage&rdq

South Africa to launch advanced new HIV drug

Johannesburg - South Africa on Wednesday 11-27-2019 said it was introducing an affordable, cutting-edge drug to fight HIV in the country with the largest number of people living with the AIDS-causing virus. Hailing the new anti-retroviral drug as “the fastest way to reduce HIV viral load&rdqu

How do antidepressants affect intestinal bacteria?

By Leonard Manson  A new study reported by Medical News lists a number of bacteria associated with certain substances that interact with the nervous system and affect the likelihood of developing depression.   Recent studies support the role of intestinal microbiota on psychiatric sta

Stents no better than drugs for many heart patients: US study

, Chicago - Many patients with severe but stable heart disease who routinely undergo invasive procedures to clear and prop open clogged arteries would do as well by just taking medications and making lifestyle changes, US researchers reported on Saturday11-16-2019. If adopted into practice, the fin

Diabetes cases soar, one in 11 adults affected: Doctors

Paris - More than 460 million people – one in 11 adults – now suffer from diabetes, largely brought on by an over-rich lifestyle short on exercise, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) said Thursday 14 November 2019. Releasing its latest Diabetes Atlas, the IDF said the current n

What can cause back pain and nausea?

Back pain and nausea can often occur together. Sometimes, the pain of a stomach issue can radiate to the back. Vomiting can also cause pain and tension in the back. Pain that radiates from the stomach to the back may signal a problem with an organ such as the liver or kidneys. In this article, we


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