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Fitness festival reignites call for health and well-being

Trainers, chefs, athletes and therapists united to provide three days of virtual talks, workout segments and more as part of an initiative to keep people moving and maintain a healthy lifestyle.The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) has been leading a number of campaigns to promote a healthy life

Researchers hope that blood plasma could prevent COVID-19 infection

Survivors of COVID-19 are donating their blood plasma in droves in hopes it helps other patients recover from the coronavirus. And while the jury’s still out, now scientists are testing if the donations might also prevent infection in the first place.Thousands of coronavirus patients in hospit

Hugging less risky than handshakes, warns virologist

A full-body hug is a safer way to make contact with someone else than a handshake while trying to avoid contracting coronavirus, Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst told US-based newspaper New York Post on Tuesday. Global coronavirus lockdowns are beginning to ease, with authorities slowly walking ba

Why it's so difficult to lose weight: The hard truths

If you can't seem to lose weight and keep it off, you might be falling victim to these six big mistakes.Why is it so hard to lose weight? It's a question many, if not most, people have asked themselves, probably on many occasions. Aside from the obvious -- food is delicious, exercise is hard and tim

Can I get COVID-19 through my eyes or ears?

The answer is It's possible through the eyes, but not likely through the ears. As with the nose and mouth, doctors say the eyes may be a route of infection if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes nearby. Infection is also possible when rubbing your eyes with hands that have been exposed to the

Americans drinking bleach and washing food with disinfectants, finds CDC

Americans have been drinking bleach and using chemical cleaning products to wash their food in a misguided attempt to prevent coronavirus infection, according to a recent survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In April, US President Donald Trump caused controversy by app

New research suggests doctors are treating COVID-19 patients wrongly

Coronavirus may not just be a respiratory disease but could also be a blood vessel disease, doctors have suggested, which could help explain why COVID-19 patients have experienced heart attacks, blood clots, and other ranging symptoms – and may also suggest that the disease is currently being

5 reasons to add flaxseed to your diet

Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, shares her advice on the superfoods that will help you lead a longer and healthier life.Flaxseed is available in different forms — oil, powder, capsules and flour — but I would recommend buying the seeds and grinding

5 reasons to add blueberries to your diet

It’s hard to believe that this unassuming little berry, easily available at most food stores, is one of the healthiest things you could possibly eat. Blueberries can be enjoyed on their own, in breakfast bowls, smoothies, muffins and even as garnish on your pancakes and waffles. Here are five

Doctors kept close eye on Trump’s use of malaria drug

The White House medical team kept a close eye on President Donald Trump’s heart rhythms, including at least one electrocardiogram, to watch for potential side effects when he took a two-week course of a malaria drug to try to prevent the coronavirus, his doctor reported Wednesday. “The

WHO and Other Experts Say No Evidence of Coronavirus Losing Potency

World Health Organization experts and a range of other scientists said on Monday 6-1-2020 there was no evidence to support an assertion by a high-profile Italian doctor that the coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic has been losing potency. Professor Alberto Zangrillo, head of intensive care at

Monkeys, ferrets offer needed clues in COVID-19 vaccine race

The global race for a COVID-19 vaccine boils down to some critical questions: How much must the shots rev up someone’s immune system to really work? And could revving it the wrong way cause harm? Even as companies recruit tens of thousands of people for larger vaccine studies this summer, beh

In-home antibody test shows promise; recovering surgery patients at risk from coronavirus

The following is a brief roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus. In-home COVID-19 antibody test shows high accuracy A small study of a COVID-19 antibody test that can be don

5 Healthy Green Juice Recipes That Actually Taste as Great as They Look

Green juice is notorious for its health halo: How could a bunch of blended fruits and veggies not be nutritious? It’s also one of the most ubiquitous health-focused snacks, one that you can pick up at the grocery store, the yoga studio, and even the gas station. “Green juice can be a gr

Why Are My Ears Ringing? 9 Causes of Tinnitus, According to Audiologists

Often described as “ringing in your ears,” tinnitus (pronounced ti-NIGHT-us or TINN-a-tus) is a symptom that encompasses any perception of sound when there’s no real external cause for it. Chances are, you’ve experienced random, short-lived bursts of tinnitus before, like bu

WHO, 37 countries launch alliance to share crucial tools to battle COVID-19

Thirty-seven countries and the World Health Organization (WHO) appealed on Friday for the common ownership of vaccines, medicines and diagnostic tools to tackle the global coronavirus pandemic, taking aim at patent laws they fear could become a barrier to sharing crucial supplies. While the push by

Hydroxychloroquine combination risky for cancer patients with coronavirus: Study

Cancer patients with COVID-19 who were treated with a drug combination promoted by US President Donald Trump to counter the coronavirus were three times more likely to die within 30 days than those who got either drug alone, US researchers reported on Thursday. The preliminary results suggest docto

5 reasons to add walnuts to your diet

Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, shares her expert advice on the superfood that will help you lead a longer and healthier life.Walnuts are available at most supermarkets and are a cost-effective way to add some real health benefits to your daily diet. They are d

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