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Eating a lot of sugar may increase heart risks

Eating a lot of sugar not only makes you fat. It may also increase a person's risk for heart disease, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday. They said people who ate more added sugar were more likely to have higher risk factors for heart disease, such as higher triglycerides and lower levels of protecti

'Lame' mosquitoes to stop dengue

Scientists are breeding a genetically altered strain of mosquito in an effort to curb the spread of dengue fever. The dengue virus is spread by the bite of infected female mosquitoes and there is no vaccine or treatment. Experts say the illness affects up to 100 million people a year and threatens

Green tea may help fight eye diseases

Chinese researchers say green tea may help fight glaucoma and other eye diseases. The study, published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, finds the "catechins" in green tea -- responsible for much of its strong anti-oxidant effect -- pass from t

Start obesity prevention in cradle, study urges

A team of US doctors has urged that obesity screening start in the cradle after a study they conducted showed that half of US children with weight problems became overweight before age two. The "critical period for preventing childhood obesity" in the children observed in the study would

Best & Worst Ice Cream in America

Indulgence. It's part of what makes life worth living--giving in to temptation, letting go of one's inhibitions. And one of our nation's favorite indulgences? A smooth, cold, creamy, delicious scoop of ice cream. Ice cream is as American as apple pie (it's no wonder the two so often go hand-in-han

Plastic chemical may stay in body longer : US study

WASHINGTON-(Reuters) - A controversial chemical used in many plastic products may remain in the body longer than previously thought, and people may be ingesting it from sources other than food, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December said it planned mor

Mom and dad’s tobacco use influences teens’ smoking

NEW YORK -Reuters)- Adolescents whose parents smoke are more likely to pick up the habit themselves, new research confirms.   The effect was particularly strong if young people were exposed to a parent’s tobacco use before their teen years, Dr. Stephen E. Gilman of the Harvard School o

How flu virus hijacks human cells

PARIS-(AFP) – European scientists on Wednesday said they had uncovered how the influenza virus is able to take over human cells and use them as machinery to replicate itself. In a paper published in the British-based journal Nature, the researchers said they had identified a tiny piece of a v

TV and video games increase teen depression risk

WASHINGTON-(AFP) - Spending more hours watching television or playing video games as a teenager may lead to depression in young adults, according to a study published on Monday. Researchers looked at the exposure to electronic media of 4,142 adolescents who were not depressed when the study began i

Millions to get malaria help by 2010

DAVOS, Switzerland-(AFP) – Hundreds of millions of mosquito nets and anti-malaria kits are to be distributed by 2010, officials behind a campaign to halt about one million malaria deaths a year said on Saturday. But they urged donors not to ditch the campaign because of the economic crisis, s

Aspirin or Ibuprofen could ward off stomach cancer

LONDON-(AFP)– Taking aspirin or ibuprofen could guard against stomach cancer, even if only in very low doses, according to a British study published on Friday 2-6-2009. People who had taken aspirin at least once in the last 12 months were 36 percent less likely to develop cancer in the middle

expands coverage for cancer drugs

WASHINGTON -(AP) – Medicare has quietly expanded its coverage for cancer drugs to include some treatments that haven't gotten the Food and Drug Administration's full seal of approval. The change was announced last summer with little fanfare and took effect in the fall. It means that doctors a