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White Tea: Recipe, health benefits and types of this HEALTHY hot beverage

White Tea is made of from the processed leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The leaves for this tea need very minimal processing where they are withered by either air drying or solar drying or mechanical drying. The colour of the tea is slightly yellowish or pale-yellow colour. The flavour of the

Coronavirus may disappear before development of a vaccine: Milan research center head

The deadly coronavirus could lose its potency and disappear before a vaccine is developed, Dr. Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, said.The virus is nearing its end and “may disappear before the discovery of a vaccine to stop its sprea

WHO sees 'potentially positive data' in treating coronavirus

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that some treatments appear to be limiting the severity or length of the COVID-19 disease and that it was focusing on learning more about four or five of the most promising ones.The Geneva-based WHO is leading a global initiative to develop safe and effe

Ramadan: 10 tips for healthy eating during holy month

Ramadan is a joyful time of the year - think Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one. Such holidays are always associated with speciality food. Like turkey for Thanksgiving, the holy month - when Muslims abstain from all food and drink from dawn till sunset before marking the completion of the f

WHO conditionally backs Covid-19 vaccine trials that infect people

Controversial trials in which volunteers are intentionally infected with Covid-19 could accelerate vaccine development, according to the World Health Organization, which has released new guidance on how the approach could be ethically justified despite the potential dangers for participants. So-cal

Pain under the ribs? Here are a few reasons why it happens

Experts and healthcare professionals classify the abdomen into four quadrants to better identify ailments and conditions unique to each one. The right upper quadrant (RUQ) includes organs like the pancreas, right kidney, gallbladder and liver, as well as the ribs and intestines. Often, pain under t

FDA approves SFU professor’s invention to help wean COVID-19 patients from ventilators

Simon Fraser University professor Andy Hoffer hopes the SFU spinoff company he founded, Lungpacer Medical Inc., will help save the lives of COVID-19 patients using mechanical ventilators—and get them off more quickly, so that more ventilators can be available for all critically ill patients.Th

Taiwan makes fresh bid for WHO access

Taiwan is making a fresh bid to be seen and heard when the world’s top health officials and medical professionals congregate for an annual meeting of the World Health Organization. Health and foreign affairs officials of the self-ruled island said on Tuesday that Taiwan’s status and par

EU wants WHO review of lessons learnt from coronavirus crisis: draft

The European Union is backing calls for a timely review of the international response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the World Health Organization’s performance, according to the draft of a resolution for ministers to debate at the WHO.European diplomats said the United States and Chin

Coronavirus: Study suggests virus spread swiftly around world in late 2019

A genetic analysis of samples from more than 7,500 people infected with COVID-19 suggests the new coronavirus spread quickly around the world late last year and is adapting to its human hosts, scientists said on Wednesday. A study by scientists at University College London’s (UCL) Genetics In

4 Ways to Handle and Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Evolutionarily we were not meant to exist in isolation. Inside, each of us has an innate fear of not being accepted or having our contribution shunned by the community we feel the strongest resonance to serving. As business owners and entrepreneurs, the sting of rejection can pierce like a dagger t

Is lockdown good for your heart?

Are people having fewer heart attacks? And should hospitals protect black, Asian and minority ethnic healthcare workers by taking them off the front line? Dr John Wright of Bradford Royal Infirmary considers these questions in his latest diary. One of the intriguing observations during the pandemic

How Should You Stock Your Medicine Cabinet?

Right now, there is no cure for the coronavirus. And although doctors and researchers are making progress on different ways to treat the illness, much remains uncertain. Many common symptoms continue to be identified, and families staying at home can take steps now to prepare in case someone falls

Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe

Scientists have discovered a microbe that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria. The team in Kenya and the UK say the finding has "enormous potential" to control the disease. Malaria is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes, so protecting them could in turn protect pe

Improve Psoriatic Disease Awareness and Treatment

The healthcare community is looking for solutions to improve treatment of Plaque Psoriasis (PsO), a chronic inflammatory skin disorder. PsO is characterized by painful red, raised, dry patches of skin usually covered by silvery or white scales. In addition, PsO isassociated with increased risk of

4 reasons why a coronavirus leak would be extremely unlikely

A fringe theory suggests that the new coronavirus leaked by accident from a lab in Wuhan. Researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) study infectious diseases, including coronaviruses, and did before the pandemic started. So as questions about how the pandemic started continue to go unans

Why Exercise Makes You Cough

You had a great run. You sailed through the steady-state parts and even tackled the toughest moments of the set like a pro. All good, except...cough, cough, hack, what? Nothing can break your post-run euphoria quite like a coughing fit. But why are you hacking now when you breathed just fine during

Gilead to work with partners to ramp up production of potential coronavirus treatment

Gilead Sciences Inc, maker of the closely-watched experimental coronavirus drug remdesivir, on Thursday said it will work with international partners to expand production of the potential COVID-19 treatment.The company said it still expects to have more than one million remdesivir treatment courses

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