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France, Italy, Belgium act to stop use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 on safety fears

France, Italy and Belgium acted to halt the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients suffering from COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus, amid questions about the safety of the generic anti-malaria drug.France on Wednesday cancelled a decree allowing hospital doctors to dispense th

Britain to provide anti-viral drug remdesivir to some COVID-19 patients

Britain will provide the anti-viral drug remdesivir to certain COVID-19 patients that it is most likely to benefit as part of a collaboration with manufacturer Gilead Sciences, the health ministry said on Tuesday.The department of health said early data from clinical trials around the world showed t

How can some people eat and not get fat, a slimming gene is responsible: Scientists

Scientists have discovered a ‘thinness’ gene that may be the reason why some people can eat and not gain weight, according to new research. A study published by University of British Columbia (UBC) scientist Dr. Josef Penninger and a team of researchers identified a gene called Anaplast

Voodoo leaders in Haiti concoct ‘secret remedy’ for COVID-19

Haiti’s voodoo leaders have trained priests of the Afro Caribbean religion to concoct a secret remedy for the novel coronavirus and to prepare the sacred initiation chambers of their temples to receive patients. In Haiti, where Western healthcare services are scarce and too expensive for many

5 reasons to add walnuts to your diet

Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, shares her expert advice on the superfood that will help you lead a longer and healthier life.Walnuts are available at most supermarkets and are a cost-effective way to add some real health benefits to your daily diet. They are d

Virus spread feared where water is scarce around the world

Violet Manuel hastily abandoned her uncle’s funeral and grabbed two empty containers when she heard a boy running down the dirt road shouting, “Water, water, water!” The 72-year-old joined dozens of people seeking their daily ration in Zimbabwe’s densely populated town of Ch

Wanted: New head of WTO

gainst the backdrop of a pandemic, recession, US-China tensions and rising protectionism, the World Trade Organization (WTO) needs a new leader. Only the resilient should apply. Brazilian Director General Roberto Azevedo surprised the WTO’s 164 members last week by announcing he would quit at

Big study casts more doubt on malaria drugs for coronavirus

Malaria drugs pushed by President Donald Trump as treatments for the coronavirus did not help and were tied to a greater risk of death and heart rhythm problems in a new study of nearly 100,000 patients around the world. Friday’s report in the journal Lancet is not a rigorous test of hydroxyc

Pandemic threatens to deepen crisis in mental health care

More than three weeks after Brandon Bell stopped showing up at a New York office that serves people with schizophrenia, employees finally located him at a nearby homeless shelter. The office remains open, but patients aren’t stopping by as much during the pandemic. Group activities such as th

Elderly home turns to wearables for contact tracing, sidestepping Apple-Google limits

When a senior living facility in Amarillo, Texas suspected a nurse may have caught the novel coronavirus this month, it had a list within five minutes of staff and residents the nurse could have infected.High-tech wristbands worn by The Legacy at Town Square’s 35 workers and 49 residents exped

SFA puts focus on five ways to stay fit and healthy at home during Ramadan

During this time of stress, when access to gyms and opportunities to take part in outdoor activities with family and friends or participate in team sports are restricted, it is more important than ever to prioritize your health and stay active.Our daily routines have completely changed; there are ne

How To Fix Ingrown Toenails: 8 Tips To Prevent, Ease & Treat

This pesky nail issue can start small, but grow into a painful and chronic condition if left untreated. The problem is, however, they can be hard to treat and manage—and often take professional intervention. Here's what to do if you have an ingrown issue or suspect you are developing one. Wha

Local health agencies struggle to ramp up virus tracking

As state after state begins to reopen, local health departments charged with tracking down everyone who has been in close contact with those who test positive for the new coronavirus are still scrambling to hire the number of people they need to do the job. They are often hundreds — even thou

Strange coronavirus facts: Survives heat, cold, lives in eyes, lasts long on surfaces

The COVID-19 coronavirus has infected more than 4.4 million people around the world and claimed the lives of over 300,000. Scientists around the world have rushed to meticulously study the virus and its methods of transmission in an attempt to find treatments and ultimately a cure and a vaccine. Ne

Remdesivir: Five Indian and Pakistani firms to make drug to 'fight coronavirus'

A US pharmaceutical firm has signed agreements with drug makers in South Asia to expand supply of the drug remdesivir for treating Covid-19. The agreement between Gilead and five generic pharmaceutical companies in India and Pakistan will help make the medicine for 127 countries. Remdesivir cut th

Coronavirus could stay in the air for up to 14 minutes when people talk loudly: Study

Speech droplets from people talking loudly in confined spaces could result in coronavirus remaining in the air for more than eight minutes at least, according to a new study by researchers from the US National Institutes of Health. Researchers used an intense sheet of laser light to visualize burst

Coronavirus could become endemic like HIV, says WHO

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could become endemic like HIV, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, warning against any attempt to predict how long it would keep circulating and calling for a “massive effort” to counter it. “It is important to put this on the tabl

Losing your motivation to exercise as the pandemic drags on? Here’s how to get it back.

If your motivation to exercise during the pandemic is as elusive as flour and antibacterial wipes, that’s not surprising — and you’re not alone. “It’s totally fine and totally normal to have your motivation wane,” says Steve Magness, a Houston-based running coach

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