From 'Bird Box' to 'Fever Dream': Eight terrifying modern novels to read this Halloween

October, the month of eerie revelry, is upon us. The pandemic and social distancing measures may have put a thorn in social plans for Halloween, but that doesn't mean the occasion has to be entirely spook-free. Here are eight terrifying must-read novels, all of which have been written in the pas

Author Laila Lalami is a phenomenal storyteller in ‘The Other Americans’

 Floating along on the Santa Ana winds into the Mojave Desert is award-winning author Laila Lalami’s “The Other Americans,” a novel in which a Moroccan-American family attempts to move forward with life when tragedy strikes and harmful secrets begin to unravel. Driss Guerrao

Ethan Hawke tapes audio edition of Marilynne Robinson's acclaimed novel 'Gilead'

When she learned that Ethan Hawke was working on a special audio edition of her acclaimed novel Gilead, Marilynne Robinson's response was to get a better idea of who he was. “I can't say I was familiar with his voice,” Robinson said of the four-time Oscar nominee whose films incl

Two Short Stories by Intisar al-Serri

Early Discoveries   You realize you are not a boy anymore. That organ has announced its presence and early revolt. Is this happening because of the neighbors’ daughter? In her eyes, you are only a little kid coming to play and study with her brother, and she would give you cookies and

5 very short stories

Carolina Fonseca   Borges and I Several years ago I was crossing a street in Buenos Aires, when it seemed to me that I saw Borges sitting on a bench with his stick in his hands, as if he was waiting. I was a pale boy carrying lots of books, as well as a notebook and pen. I was stunned in a

'The Nest' Author Has New Novel Scheduled for 2021

The author of the million-selling debut novel “The Nest” has another story of family drama coming out next year. Ecco announced Wednesday that Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s “Good Company" will be published in May. The novel tells of a seemingly happy married couple whose

Thaer al-Nashef Describes Syrians' Woes in Three-Volume Novel

Thaer al-Nashef, a Syrian author who lives in Austria, wrote a new novel released by the Egyptian publishing house "Awraaq". The 1,816-page book entitled "Masghaba" (Famine) is composed of three volumes that cover the same subject, and describe the daily incidents of around 200 leading and second

Diversion Debuts Nonfiction Podcast Series

Diversion Publishing has formed Diversion Podcasts, a new production unit and podcast studio that will develop and release original nonfiction audio series hosted by veteran nonfiction authors. The new unit's first podcast was made available yesterday; The Dream Team Tapes is a 10-episode series fo

French teens, Normandy vets swap stories of life in lockdown

A French student Marion Nivard starting writing last year to a World War II veteran in Britain, thanking him for taking part in the Normandy invasion that freed her country from the Nazis. As VE Day approached, Nivard and her classmates in the Normandy region thought of 94-year-old Bill Ridgewell a

The original Lydia? Portrait discovery delights Jane Austen museum

A newly discovered portrait of a woman who may have inspired one of Jane Austen’s most gleefully spirited characters has been acquired by a museum devoted to the novelist’s life and work. Mary Pearson was briefly engaged to Austen’s dashing brother Henry and is widely thought to h


  By: Nasser Shariff   WWW.END I woke up this morning and I was unable to open my social media networking sites for my AM news feed.  I figured the Wi-Fi was down in my area.  On my way to school I needed to fill my tank with gas so I stopped by a gas station. I slid

Sahar -Dima Wannous -short story

Following her usual Thursday morning routine, Sahar opens her bedroom window wide and begins to devour those of her neighbours. She lets her imagination wander through their curtains, wondering about lives she doesn’t lead, until, transported by her imagination, she adds new stories to her alr

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