Diversion Debuts Nonfiction Podcast Series

Diversion Publishing has formed Diversion Podcasts, a new production unit and podcast studio that will develop and release original nonfiction audio series hosted by veteran nonfiction authors. The new unit's first podcast was made available yesterday; The Dream Team Tapes is a 10-episode series fo

French teens, Normandy vets swap stories of life in lockdown

A French student Marion Nivard starting writing last year to a World War II veteran in Britain, thanking him for taking part in the Normandy invasion that freed her country from the Nazis. As VE Day approached, Nivard and her classmates in the Normandy region thought of 94-year-old Bill Ridgewell a

The original Lydia? Portrait discovery delights Jane Austen museum

A newly discovered portrait of a woman who may have inspired one of Jane Austen’s most gleefully spirited characters has been acquired by a museum devoted to the novelist’s life and work. Mary Pearson was briefly engaged to Austen’s dashing brother Henry and is widely thought to h


  By: Nasser Shariff   WWW.END I woke up this morning and I was unable to open my social media networking sites for my AM news feed.  I figured the Wi-Fi was down in my area.  On my way to school I needed to fill my tank with gas so I stopped by a gas station. I slid

Sahar -Dima Wannous -short story

Following her usual Thursday morning routine, Sahar opens her bedroom window wide and begins to devour those of her neighbours. She lets her imagination wander through their curtains, wondering about lives she doesn’t lead, until, transported by her imagination, she adds new stories to her alr

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