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Meet the Saudi man who Trump’s COVID-19 Twitter blunder accidently made famous

It’s not every day that you’re mentioned by the most powerful man in the world, but MLK, better known as @FdA found himself the star of the show when he was tagged on twitter by the leader of the free world President Donald Trump. A mix-up in Twitter handles found him mentioned on the p

Checklist to prepare for isolation and lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading around the world, bringing with it the risk of being unprepared for isolation or lockdown conditions - whether mandatory or voluntary. Over 2.6 billion people worldwide are being instructed to observe lockdowns as a preventative measure against the spread of th

Self-isolating stars share washing and workout tips to stay in spotlight

Variations on the adage that celebrities are just like us but with better hair, teeth and diets have been put to the test this week as a number of actors, singers and reality stars have made their way onto social media with content inspired by their time in quarantine. They have ranged from public-b

What to disinfect at home to avoid infection

Cleaning surfaces has recently become even more important to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which experts say can be spread via surfaces. But what is the best way to clean a home to keep individuals and families safe, and how long can the virus last on surfaces?"High-touch surfaces," li

Was Medieval Cannibal And Black Magician Peter Niers History’s Most Prolific Serial Killer?

The legends of Peter Niers may be lesser-known than those of Vlad the Impaler or Elizabeth Báthory, but they are no less horrifying. It was said that Niers was a master black magician who could render himself invisible, transform into a cat, a dog, or a goat. It was said that he garnered the

Two children in Canada have coronavirus: How the pandemic affects kids

As COVID-19 continues to affect more Canadians, many parents are not just worried about themselves — but also their children. In Ontario, there are 17 new COVID-19 cases, including a baby boy. Health officials said the baby is under the age of one and is listed as having contracted the corona

Not getting paid: Lebanese politicians donate salaries to coronavirus fight

As Lebanon gets accustomed to living under near-total lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, several politicians have pledged to donate their salaries to the fight against the disease. On Sunday night, Lebanon’s Cabinet announced a series of stringent measures to combat the

7 tips for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

Business across the Middle East have been shutting up shop and sending employees home as fears of the spreading coronavirus pandemic prompt extra precautions by employers. As employees stay home, questions have been raised on what the best way to work at home is and how to stay productive and maint

Coronavirus: Climate could be key factor limiting community infection in GCC

The Arabian Gulf region has seen relatively low community infection rates of coronavirus due to good infrastructure, screening, travel bans and public health information, experts say. But it may also have one advantage over many other regions in the fight against the virus – climate, according

Boy bullied over his love of books gains 150,000 Instagram followers

Callum Manning, from South Sheilds, Tyne and Wear, created an Instagram account to review books. The 13-year-old was left “devastated” after other pupils at the school began to mock the reviews in a group chat he had joined. “I don’t tend to cry that often but I think that

Protest and celebration mark Women’s Day, despite threats, arrests

From the streets of Manila to a school in East London, people around the world marked International Women’s Day on Sunday with calls to end exploitation and increase equality. But tensions marred some celebrations, with police firing tear gas and arresting demonstrators at rallies in Turkey a

Man dressed as Joker arrested for making terror threats, police say

A man who dressed as comic supervillain the Joker has been arrested after he threatened to kill people via Facebook’s livestreaming app, police say. Jeremy J Garnier, 51, was charged with making terrorist threats and is being held without bail in University City, Missouri. University City Po

Suspicions raised over IranAir flight to Beirut amid concerns over coronavirus

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Lebanon reduced flights to and from Iran, but last night when an IranAir flight landed at Beirut’s airport some were suspicious. But the country’s porous land border with Syria is the larger risk for Iranians who may be carrying coronavirus to slip into the

US bans shock ‘treatment’ on children with special needs at Boston-area school

The US government has banned an electric shock machine that is used to zap children and young adults with special needs in a school outside Boston – the only institution in the world known to practice the controversial punishment “treatment”.The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA

Religious sites in UAE take precautionary measures against coronavirus

Mosques and other religious sites in the UAE are taking precautionary measures aimed at limiting gatherings to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, which is increasingly disrupting life across the Arabian Gulf. With the threat of the virus growing, the government, public institutions, and rel

Discover which major airlines, countries are canceling flights amid coronavirus

Airlines and civil aviation authorities have restricted travel to epicenters of the deadly coronavirus around the world, including China, Iran, and Italy. The virus currently has infected over 87,000 people, with nearly 3,000 confirmed dead. Iran’s coronavirus death toll is at 54, making it th

Artist 'glad to be alive' after fire at Norwich home studio

An artist said he was "glad to be alive" after a studio he works at with his partner was gutted in a fire. John Madeley runs Wensum Arts from the garage of his house in Ovington, near Thetford in Norfolk. Fire engines took about 10 hours to put out the blaze which destroyed art supplies and artwor

How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to spread around the world, people are becoming increasingly anxious about how it will affect them and their families. Since New Zealand's first case of the virus was confirmed on Friday night, there have been reports of panic buying, with customers stocking up on toilet pa

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