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10-year-old Bangladeshi’s communication app creates buzz

DHAKA - A Bangladeshi fifth-grader’s new communication app — Lita Free Video Calls and Chat — has created a huge buzz among local internet users. Already, 10,500 people have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store since Saturday. Ayman Al-Anam submitted the app to Google on

Watchdog cracks down on tech firms that fail to protect children

Technology companies will be required to assess their sites for sexual abuse risks, prevent self-harm and pro-suicide content, and block children from broadcasting their location, after the publication of new rules for “age-appropriate design” in the sector. The UK Information Commissio

Man Fakes Own Kidnapping to Get Out of Attending His Wedding

When it comes to backing out of a wedding, faking your own kidnapping sounds like overkill, but that didn’t stop a Colombian man from using this technique to avoid attending his own wedding. The unnamed 55-year-old man, from the Colombian town of Pitalito was scheduled to marry his fiancee, a

United States stops sending bomb-sniffing dogs to Egypt and Jordan

The United States government says it will no longer be sending specially-trained bomb detection dogs to both Egypt and Jordan after cases of improper care, even deaths.The State Department Office of Inspector General has recommended that the two US agencies - the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and th

Egypt’s ‘history of humanity’ monuments face climate change threat

It’s a steamy November day in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, and the tourists tramping through the ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak are sweating. But the city’s famed 7,000-year-old antiquities are feeling the heat too. Increasingly high temperatures linked to climate change, a

Christmas in Lebanon not so merry as economic crisis bites

Rafi Tabakian’s clothing store in a Beirut suburb is usually buzzing with customers during the holiday season, but with Lebanon’s economy in ruins, shoppers are in short supply. “We’ve been in business for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he sai

UAE leaders launch Golden Jubilee masterplan for nation's future

UAE leaders declared 2020 will be the launchpad for ambitious plans to drive the country forward for the next 50 years - ahead of its milestone Golden Jubilee 12 months later. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, announced the upcoming year will be used to deliver a ro

Morocco’s Gnawa musical culture listed by UNESCO

  Gnawa culture, a centuries-old Moroccan practice rooted in music, African rituals, and Sufi traditions, was on Thursday added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Gnawa refers to a “set of musical productions, fraternal practices and therapeutic rituals

The wacky, big-money world of pet influencers

WASHINGTON - They have millions of followers on Instagram. They generate major profits for their owners. They are... pet influencers. Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Boo the Pomeranian and Doug the Pug are just some of the internet’s star animals, who do everything from support worthy causes to promote

Man eats US$120,000 piece of art — a banana taped to wall

MIAMI, Dec 8 — The move was bananas... or maybe the work was just too appealing. A performance artist shook up the crowd at the Art Basel show in Miami Beach yesterday when he grabbed a banana that had been duct-taped to a gallery wall and ate it. The banana was, in fact, a work of art by It

Indian border officials on lookout for fugitive cosmic guru

New Delhi - Indian border officials and embassies have issued an alert for a fugitive guru accused of rape, the government said, days after the holy man announced the creation of his own “cosmic” country. Swami Nithyananda – one of many self-styled Indian “godmen” with

Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel visits Luxor’s monuments

Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel, an English actress famous for her portrayal of Missandei on the hit television series was amazed by Luxor’s ancient monuments during her visit to Egypt on the sidelines of the 41st edition of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). Emmanuel posted

Rare Mozart portrait flies above presale estimate at Paris auction

A rare portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sold for 4 million euros on Wednesday at Christie’s in Paris, rocketing past the auction house’s presale estimate of 800,000-1.2 million euros. The artwork, one of four portraits of the Austrian composer painted during his lifetime and still pa

Egypt unveils animal mummies of lion cubs, crocodiles, birds

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities is revealing details on recently discovered animal mummies, saying they contain two lion cubs as well as several crocodiles, birds and cats. Saturday’s announcement came during an exhibition at the famed Step Pyramid in Saqqara, south of Cairo. That&rsquo

The common phrases and terms parents should be mindful saying around children

Have you ever listened to your children talking and thought: “They sound just like me!” Children are like sponges, soaking up everything around them, and it can be funny to hear them parroting back expressions you use regularly at home. But the fact they take in so much – often muc

Ancient cup given to 1st marathon victor returned to Greece

ATHENS, Greece- An ancient Greek cup awarded as a prize to the marathon winner in the first modern Olympics of 1896 has been returned to Athens from a German university.Greece’s Culture Ministry says the 6th century B.C. pottery vessel was considered lost for decades until research in 2014 by

Alec Baldwin sues man who accused him of parking spot rage

Alec Baldwin filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against the man who says Baldwin hit him in the face during an argument over a New York City parking space. Baldwin wrote in his lawsuit that contractor Wojciech Cieszkowski’s claim that he was violently assaulted by the actor is “objective

For these women, it's Halloween all year round

Halloween is in full swing, with people across the world ordering their costumes and preparing for the annual holiday. But for some women, Halloween is not just a once-a-year holiday reserved for children. It's a job. Ellie, 21, is a professional body painter and social media star from Edinburgh,