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An American child builds a "nuclear reactor " and enters the Guinness Book of Records

An American child in a middle school in the United States managed to build a small nuclear fusion reactor, to enter the Guinness Book of Records "only hours before" of his thirteenth birthday. "I was able to use electricity to accelerate two atoms of deuterium together until they fuse into a heli

Drone Footage Shows Shark Tracking Surfer in Australia

A dramatic close encounter between Australian world championship surfer Matt Wilkinson and a shark off the east coast of the country was captured by a drone, showing the shark circle him, close in and then dart away. Wilkinson was paddling in from a surf at Sharpes Beach, 733 km north of Sydney,

Korean Head of Company Implementing Al-Faw Port Project in Iraq Commits Suicide

Iraqis awakened on Friday to news of the suicide of Park Chul-ho, Korean head of the Daewoo E&C office, which is implementing the grand Al-Faw port project in the southern Basra province. The development sparked uproar amid doubts that he had really committed suicide. Lawmakers demanded a spe

UN Food Agency Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on Friday to the World Food Program (WFP) for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace in conflict areas, the Nobel Committee said. The WFP was honored for "its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace

Nigerian migrant burned to death in Libya

A Nigerian migrant was burned to death in Tripoli on Tuesday, Reuters has reported. According to the Libyan Interior Ministry, three Libyan men have been arrested on suspicion of attacking and killing the migrant worker, who has not been named. Witnesses said that the suspects forced th

German police arrest "crab"

The German police received a call from a woman, who said that an "unknown animal" had entered her house, to go to the site and discover that it was nothing but a giant crab. According to the lady's account, she tried to open the door of her house in Freiburg, southern Germany, and in a moment a l

A woman receives her son's gift ... and a "misfortune" inside the box

A British woman was preparing to celebrate her fifth son's birthday, but a supermarket employee in the country sabotaged all her scheme and shocked her. The British newspaper "The Sun" reported, Friday, that Lisa Davis (41 years) had asked for a gift from the famous online sports store "Sport Dir

Prague Cafe Hits Sweet Spot With Coronavirus-Shaped Dessert

A restaurant in Prague's historic center has invented a dessert shaped like the novel coronavirus, an attempt to arrest a slump in business that is already proving a hit with customers. The Black Madonna would normally be bustling with tourists admiring its cubist interior, but it has suffered as

Dutch Court Convicts 6 Men of Plotting Massive Militant Attack

A Dutch court convicted on Thursday six men, including an Iraqi, of plotting a large-scale militant attack and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from 10 to 17 years. Rotterdam District Court said in a statement that the men were planning to open fire with AK-47 assault rifles at a festival a

An American born without a womb is able to have her first child

The dream of Jane Gobrecht, an American citizen who was born without a womb, was finally fulfilled, after she gave birth to her first child, after undergoing a womb transplant that she took from a deceased woman, to be the second woman in America who could give birth without a womb, and the third

He killed his patients with insulin ... life imprisonment for the "killer nurse"

A former Polish nurse was sentenced to life in prison in Germany on Tuesday for killing at least three people, by giving them excessive doses of insulin, in a case that recalls similar crimes committed by nurse Niels Hogel, in which dozens of victims were killed. The sentence was issued against J

Masks with Valves not Welcomed on Airplanes

You saw it before, the mask equipped with a plastic piece on one of its sides, which serves as a valve that facilitates exhaling. This mask may be very comforting for its wearer, but experts say it doesn't fulfill the role expected from face masks because it doesn't filter the inhaled air. "A fa

Nobel Prize .. How much does the winner get?

3 pioneers in the field of research related to "black holes" were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, Tuesday, which is the most prestigious award in the world, which carries academic and scientific value, more than material. But despite this, the award winners are not only satisfied with the mo

Girl, 19, kidnapped, raped and burned to death in Algeria

The body of a 19-year-old Algerian girl has been found burned in the northern province of Boumerdes, in what her family believe was a horrific attack which saw her kidnapped and raped before her murder. Chaima was kidnapped days before her body was found. Her suspected attacker was known to autho

Due to the abuse of her sheep ... a farmer hangs herself in a forest

A dedicated British farmer could not bear her work and take care of her sheep, when someone lodged a complaint with her in court stating that there were worm-covered sheep on her farm."Emma Watson", 43, was found dead in a woodland area near the farm where she lived with her mother in Oakamore, in

4 involved in murdering security man in Dubai

The Criminal Court of Dubai on Sunday heard the first session of a case in which two Asians and two Africans have been charged with murdering a security man by the Dubai Public Prosecution.In the indictment submitted by the Public Prosecution, it has been said that the perpetrators tied the victim

9-year-old killed and 6-year-old injured in Sacramento drive-by shooting

A nine-year old girl was killed in a drive-by shooting at a Sacramento park Saturday afternoon, police said. When officers arrived at Mama Marks Park around 1:10 p.m. local time, they found the nine-year-old, along with two other victims who had been shot, according to a news release from the Sac

First Man Cured of HIV Dies of Cancer: Charity

The first person to be cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown -- known as the "Berlin Patient" -- has died after a battle with cancer, the International Aids Society (IAS) announced. Brown made medical history and became a symbol of hope for the tens of millions of people living with the virus that caus

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