Paneer Steak Recipe

Pan fried cottage cheese patties baked with cheese and tomatoes. Ingredients Of Paneer Steak125 gm cottage cheese1/4 tsp salt or to tasteHalf a slice bread soft portion1 Tbsp coriander leaves, chopped1 tsp green chillies, chopped (optional)2 slices cheese1 Tbsp oil2 slices tomatoHow to Make Panee

Chicken And Corn Soup Recipe

About Chicken And Corn Soup Recipe: A silky texture corn soup with chicken, eggs and jalapenos. This comfort bowl makes for a full lunch or dinner and is packed with nutrients. Ingredients Of Chicken And Corn Soup5 Gram onion, chopped1 gram garlic, chopped20 ml olive oil200 gms canned cornto tast

Capsicum Stir Fry Recipe

Capsicum, beans and bell peppers tossed together in a sauce made with honey, nuts and soy. Ingredients Of Capsicum Stir FryFor the capsicum sauce:250 gm capsicum - deseeded and finely chopped4 Tbsp oil1 tsp chilli garlic sauce1 Tbsp grated jaggery4 Tbsp lemon juiceFor the veggies:Red, green and y

Mushroom Cappuccino Recipe

A rich, earthy soup typically served in coffee cups finished with a dollop of frothed milk to give the cappuccino effect. Ingredients Of Mushroom Cappuccino1 Tbsp chopped onions1 tsp chopped garlic1 tsp grated ginger400 gm sliced button mushrooms4 cups chicken/ vegetable stockPinch of cinnamon po

French Toast with Musk Melon Salad Recipe

About French Toast with Musk Melon Salad Recipe: A lovely breakfast option. Sweet French toast served with a crisp salad of musk melon, strawberries, grapes and honey. Ingredients Of French Toast With Musk Melon SaladFor french toast:2 eggs2 tsp sugarVanilla essence (to flavour)1 cup milk4 pcs br

Potato Chicken Stew Recipe

About Potato Chicken Stew Recipe | Chicken Gravy Recipes: A traditional American chicken curry recipe where the chicken chunks are parboiled along with potato cubes or other veggies until tender. Simmered in a broth of coconut milk, along with the aroma of cardamom, cloves and curry leaves. A grea

Mango and Coconut Pannacotta Recipe

About Mango and Coconut Pannacotta Recipe: Indulge in this sweet delight, made of fresh cream, gelatin, sugar and the king of fruits- mango! Top it with mint leaves to add a dose of freshness. Ingredients Of Mango And Coconut Pannacotta1 Cup ripe mango pulp1 cup coconut milk1 cup fresh cream1 1/2

Creole Spiced Corn Recipe

Roasted corn-on-the-cob coated with a homemade creole spice mix. Serve with a freshly made beetroot chutney. Ingredients Of Creole Spiced Corn4 corn on the cob1-2 Tbsp butterFor the creole spice:1 Tbsp paprika2 Tbsp salt4 tsp dried onion powder4 Tbsp garlic powder1 Tbsp ground black pepper1/2 Tbs

Crunchy Ribbon Salad Recipe

About Crunchy Ribbon Salad Recipe: A healthy salad recipe with a light vinegar and oil dressing. Perfect as a side with some roasted meat and garlic bread. Ingredients Of Crunchy Ribbon SaladFor the salad:2-3 Iceberg lettuce (teared)3-4 Rocket leaves (teared)2-3 Romaine leaves (teared)1/2 Carrot

Minestrone Soup Recipe

A range of veggies make their way in a bowl of rice/noodles, sprinkled with cheese. Ingredients Of Minestrone Soup2 Medium Tomatoes5-6 French beans, finely chopped1 Small Carrot, finely chopped1 Medium Onion, finely chopped1 Tbsp Shelled peas1 Small Potato (diced), peeled1 Tbsp Broken noodles or

Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

About Hot and Sour Soup Recipe: A piping hot bowl of hot and sour soup on a wintery evening is all you need. Mushrooms, cabbage and carrots cooked in oriental flavors with chicken. Ingredients Of Hot And Sour Soup5 gms carrot5 gms cabbage5 gms black mushrooms5 gms button mushrooms5 gms bamboo sho

Laksa Recipe

Laksa is spicy noodle soup popularly eaten in Singapore. This recipe shows you how to make fresh laksa paste at home. Ingredients Of Laksa1-2 prawns - boiled1/4 cup chicken - shredded and boiled1/4 cup noodles - boiled in salted water1 cup chicken stock2 Tbsp laksa paste1/3 cup coconut milkFew sp

Plain White Bread Recipe

Let the aroma of freshly baked bread spread in your house. Soft and light, this bread recipe will not disappoint you. Ingredients Of Plain White BreadOven temp: 400 F - 200 C1 tsp (5 gm) sugarLukewarm water to knead dough (too hot will kill yeast)1 tsp dry yeast or 10 gm compressed (Frozen) yeast

Beetroot Soup Recipe

Healthy and hearty soup of beetroot and bottle gourd, tastes good hot or cold. Ingredients Of Beetroot Soup1 Cup Beet root (chopped), peeled1 Cup Bottle gourd (ghiya) (chopped), peeled1/2 Cup Onion, chopped1/2 Cup Tomato, chopped1/2 Cup Potato (chopped), peeled1/2 TSP SugarTo taste Salt1/4 TSP Bl

Mexican Soup Recipe

A delicious soup with chickpeas, kidney beans and lots of vegetables that will keep you warm during the winters. Ingredients Of Mexican Soup 1 Tbsp vegetable oil3 diced onions2 Tbsp garlic paste2 Tbsp ground cumin2 Tbsp paprika1 Tbsp coriander powder150 gm cooked chick peas150 gm cooked kidney b