15 workers killed as truck runs them over in India

An out-of-control dumper truck crushed fifteen people to death as they slept by the roadside early on Tuesday in western India, authorities said. The dead included a baby girl, eight women and six men, said police official Usha Rada in the Suraj district of Gujarat state. Six others were injured.

Celebratory gunfire kills Syrian and damages plane in Lebanon

Celebratory gunshots to mark the new year killed a Syrian woman in eastern Lebanon and damaged a parked aircraft at Beirut airport on Friday, state media reported. Stray bullets from such gunfire are a source of constant worry throughout the country, but Lebanese authorities struggle to stamp out

3 Dead in Algeria Military Helicopter Crash

Three Algerian navy officers died when their helicopter crashed into the Mediterranean on Wednesday morning west of the capital Algiers, the defense ministry said. The MS-25 Merlin search and rescue helicopter plunged into the sea during a training flight off the coastal province of Tipaza with t

Egypt child bride commits suicide

A child bride in Egypt has committed suicide following a dispute with her husband's family. The 15-year-old girl came back to her family home and then threw herself off the fourth floor of the building. When her husband found out he also attempted to commit suicide but his neighbours caught him

Explosion at South Africa Oil Refinery, 7 Hospitalized

Seven people were hospitalized after an early-morning explosion and fire at an oil refinery near the harbor in the South African city of Durban on Friday, emergency services officials said. The explosion just after 7 a.m. was heard across the city and caused a large fire that sent plumes of black

Grandmother electrocuted on her genitals in Egypt prison

A mother of three and grandmother of several was blindfolded and beaten repeatedly in detention in Egypt, rights organisation We Record has revealed, before being sexually assaulted and electrocuted on her genitals. Highlighting the violations committed against women inside detention fa

Australia ... Shark attacks claim more people

In the eighth death in Australia this year, a man died after being attacked by a shark at a popular tourist resort on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The police managed to pull the 55-year-old man from the water with severe injuries, and the police treated him before the paramedics arrived. The au

Explosion at Gas Pipeline Blows in Egypt's Sinai Causes Fire

An explosion at a natural gas pipeline in restive northern Sinai Peninsula caused a fire and little other damage, however, there were no casualties, a senior Egyptian official said. Gen. Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha, who governs the northern part of the peninsula, said all the pipeline valves were

Egypt: ‘Technical Malfunction’ Caused MFO Helicopter Crash

Egypt has said that a “technical malfunction” had caused a helicopter for the Multinational Force and Observers to crash in the Sinai on Thursday near the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. An Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement expressed condolences to the countries of the victims after

Man sets himself on fire in Cairo's Tahrir Square

A man set himself on fire in Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Thursday and was being treated for burns at a hospital in the capital, security sources said, Reuters reports. There was no immediate official comment on the incident. Videos circulating on social media appeared to show the

3-year-old burnt to death in Egypt for her gold earrings

A three-year-old girl has been burnt to death in Egypt's Dakahlia Governorate by a neighbour who kidnapped her to steal her gold earrings. Muhammad K.L. and his wife lured the girl to the roof of their house, strangled her and then stole her gold earrings, according to Watan. He took her bo

Several Dead as Turkish Fishing Boat Collides with Greek Vessel

A Turkish fishing boat capsized on Wednesday after colliding with a Greek-flagged tanker off Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, officials said. Four people on board the boat were killed while one other person is reported missing. The incident between the Polatbey fishing boat and the Greek-flagg

Rescue of a donor heart after a helicopter crash

A helicopter carrying a donated heart to a patient crashed on the roof of a hospital in East Los Angeles, in the United States of America. The three passengers on board survived, and were not severely injured, and a successful heart transplant for the patient was completed, according to the Briti

Two Men Dead in Algeria Wildfire

A wildfire has killed two people west of the Algerian capital, the emergency services said Saturday, one of a spate of seasonal blazes to hit the country. Nearby residents were evacuated from their homes after the fire swept through a forest near the coastal city of Tipaza trapping and killing tw

Syrian Refugee Self-Immolates in Lebanon

A Syrian refugee in Lebanon set himself ablaze outside the Beirut headquarters of the UN's refugee agency on Thursday, a spokesman for the organization said. "In a tragic incident this morning, a Syrian refugee registered with UNHCR tried to self-immolate by setting himself on fire near the organ

Car Crashes Into Outer Gates of Makkah’s Grand Mosque

A man in a speeding car crashed into the outer gates of Makkah's Grand Mosque late Friday night, the state-run news agency (SPA) reported. The crash happened around 10:30 p.m., SPA said. Authorities arrested the man inside, who appeared in an “abnormal" condition, the agency said. Police

The monkeys are "occupying" an Indian city and wreaking havoc on it

An Indian city has been subjected to a frightening invasion by thousands of monkeys, which over the course of weeks launched repeated attacks on residents and farms, after all attempts to stop their advance failed. Hungry macaques in Shimla, the capital of Himachel Pradesh, northern India, are ca

Egypt orders probe after tourists injured in shark attacks

Egypt’s Ministry of Environment said on Monday that it has received report of a shark attack on a tourist group snorkeling at the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve in the Sinai Peninsula that left three injured. Two Ukrainian tourists, a mother and her son, as well as the accompanying guide, were