Philippine air force Blackhawk helicopter crashes, killing 6

A recently delivered Philippine assault helicopter crashed during a night training exercise north of Manila, killing all six air force personnel on board, officials said Thursday.Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said it was still unknown why the S-70i Blackhawk helicopter carrying three pilots a

3 girls die in California accident

Authorities in the US state of California are looking for a driver who ran over 3 girls, killing them and seriously injuring a fourth girl, and then fled the scene. ABC News reported that the three girls are Willow Sanchez, 11, Daytona Brunas, 12, and Sandra Mazer, 13. Natalie Cole, 14, is in hos

Egypt officials: Fire at juvenile detention kills 6 children

A fire broke out Thursday at a juvenile detention center in Egypt’s capital of Cairo, killing at least six children, officials said.The officials said the fire followed a fist-fight between two children in one ward at the facility, located in the city’s Marj district. More than two doz

Italy probes cable car crash as lone child survivor recovers

Italy’s transport minister was heading Monday to the scene of a cable car disaster that killed 14 people when the lead cable apparently snapped and the cabin careened back down the mountain until it pulled off the line and crashed to the ground.The lone survivor of Sunday’s horrific in

At least eight killed in Egypt building collapse

CAIRO: A multi-storey building collapsed in the Egyptian capital early Saturday, leaving at least eight people dead and injuring two dozen, Al Arabiya reported.  Police cordoned off the area in Cairo’s Gesr al-Suez district while civil defense and ambulance forces sifted through the rub

2 killed, 13 wounded at party on Chicago’s South Side

Gunfire erupted at a party on Chicago’s South Side early Sunday, killing two people and wounding 13 others in what authorities say may have been a gang-related shooting.Officers responded at around 4:40 a.m. to reports of a shooting at a towing company where the party took place, police said

Indian rooster kills owner with cockfight blade

A rooster fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight in southern India has killed its owner, sparking a manhunt for the organisers of the event, police said on Saturday. The bird had a knife attached to its leg ready to take on an opponent when it inflicted serious injuries to the man's gr

United's Boeing 777 showers debris across Colorado after engine failure

A Boeing 777-200 operated by United Airlines made an emergency return to Denver International Airport on Saturday following an engine failure that rained debris on a city suburb. The airline said no-one aboard was injured. United Flight 328 was headed from Denver to Honolulu when the incident occ

At least 20 dead as power outages leave millions shivering in US cold snap

Winter weather that has overwhelmed power grids unprepared for climate change and left millions in US without electricity in record-breaking cold kept its grip on the nation's midsection on Wednesday. At least 20 people have died, some while struggling to find warmth inside their homes. In the Ho

Flooding kills 28 workers at garment factory in Morocco

Heavy rains flooded an illegal garment factory in Morocco, killing at least 28 workers. Emergency workers saved 10 people from the factory, in the basement of a residential villa in Tangier. Rescuers searched for others who might have been trapped in the sudden flooding. The total number of labo

15 workers killed as truck runs them over in India

An out-of-control dumper truck crushed fifteen people to death as they slept by the roadside early on Tuesday in western India, authorities said. The dead included a baby girl, eight women and six men, said police official Usha Rada in the Suraj district of Gujarat state. Six others were injured.

Celebratory gunfire kills Syrian and damages plane in Lebanon

Celebratory gunshots to mark the new year killed a Syrian woman in eastern Lebanon and damaged a parked aircraft at Beirut airport on Friday, state media reported. Stray bullets from such gunfire are a source of constant worry throughout the country, but Lebanese authorities struggle to stamp out

3 Dead in Algeria Military Helicopter Crash

Three Algerian navy officers died when their helicopter crashed into the Mediterranean on Wednesday morning west of the capital Algiers, the defense ministry said. The MS-25 Merlin search and rescue helicopter plunged into the sea during a training flight off the coastal province of Tipaza with t

Egypt child bride commits suicide

A child bride in Egypt has committed suicide following a dispute with her husband's family. The 15-year-old girl came back to her family home and then threw herself off the fourth floor of the building. When her husband found out he also attempted to commit suicide but his neighbours caught him

Explosion at South Africa Oil Refinery, 7 Hospitalized

Seven people were hospitalized after an early-morning explosion and fire at an oil refinery near the harbor in the South African city of Durban on Friday, emergency services officials said. The explosion just after 7 a.m. was heard across the city and caused a large fire that sent plumes of black

Grandmother electrocuted on her genitals in Egypt prison

A mother of three and grandmother of several was blindfolded and beaten repeatedly in detention in Egypt, rights organisation We Record has revealed, before being sexually assaulted and electrocuted on her genitals. Highlighting the violations committed against women inside detention fa

Australia ... Shark attacks claim more people

In the eighth death in Australia this year, a man died after being attacked by a shark at a popular tourist resort on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The police managed to pull the 55-year-old man from the water with severe injuries, and the police treated him before the paramedics arrived. The au

Explosion at Gas Pipeline Blows in Egypt's Sinai Causes Fire

An explosion at a natural gas pipeline in restive northern Sinai Peninsula caused a fire and little other damage, however, there were no casualties, a senior Egyptian official said. Gen. Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha, who governs the northern part of the peninsula, said all the pipeline valves were