Barcelona women revive bike delivery business

Following their passion for cycling, Ariadna Serra and her co-workers created Les Mercedes, a cycling delivery company out of their cycling tour company in Barcelona. The pandemic played a huge part in their decision, instead of closing down they decided to follow their passion and benefit from t

What are the methods of setting priorities at work?

It's the oldest time management advice: you have to set priorities. Self-help experts advise dividing the list of things to do into 'A-tasks,' 'B-tasks,' and so on. But this is easier said than done. Usually everything seems to be a first priority. Just try telling your boss that their favorite pr

Handmade with love: Nepali takes grandma's socks to the world

Every winter, Lorina Sthapit and her cousins would warm their feet in woollen socks freshly knitted by their grandmother. As the brightly coloured pairs stacked up in her cupboard, the 32-year-old felt inspired to share the creations with the world — co-founding a crafts venture t

Meet Gaza's First Woman Taxi Driver

Palestinian mother-of-five Nayla Abu Jubbah launched a small revolution this week by becoming the first female taxi driver Gaza Strip. In the impoverished Palestinian territory, women have the same legal rights as men to drive a vehicle, but in practice the trade of taxi driver has been exclusive

How to avoid burnout while working from home

Without the commute to the office or lunch hours with co-workers thanks to COVID-19, the boundaries of a work day are blurring, leaving employees less sure of when to take breaks or log off at the end of the day. A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that the a

After factory layoff, Filipino woman cashes in on ‘leaf art’ venture

Philippines: When the coronavirus struck and cost Mary Mae Dacanay her factory job in the Philippines, the 23-year-old came up with a unique new source of income — turning leaves into celebrity art.Dacanay saw her redundancy as chance to enjoy her favorite pastime — art — but at

Skills that make you a successful employee in your job

If you want to be successful in your business; It's like running your own business with minimal risk and maximum profit. You have to listen to the opinions of employees and your colleagues at work to know their desires at work, and how to solve the difficulties they face, also you must learn how t

Saudi woman manipulates wire to create impressive items

 While passion is a key factor driving people toward success, a Saudi jeweler has taken an unorthodox approach in pursuing her dream. Esraa Eskobi, wife and mother, is the founder and owner of Wire Craft project, which provides hand-made gifts as part of its signature Esraa Jewelry range. T