Nutritionist: Water is the best drink

Dr. Olga Dekker, representative of the National Society of Nutritionists in Russia, announced that water ranks first among the healthiest drinks that are most beneficial to the body. The expert explains her choice, as water dissolves toxins produced by the body. Light green tea has similar proper

A dietitian reveals five bad habits that keep you from losing weight

Russian nutritionist Irina Bisareva revealed bad habits that prevent obese people from losing weight. According to the specialist, first and foremost, one must abandon a sedentary lifestyle that slows down the metabolism and contributes to the accumulation of fats. She pointed out that the bad h

Vitamin delays aging

Dr. Ina Pichugina, Head of the Nutrition Center of the Institute of Clinical Scientific Research in Moscow Province, announced that vitamin is one of the important vitamins for the body and an important element for slowing down aging. In a TV interview, Pichugina notes that many of the body's pro

Food items rich in Vitamin A.

The famous Russian doctor, Professor Yelena Malysheva, revealed the food containing the highest percentage of vitamin A, which is useful in replacing its deficiency in the body. In the list of these substances, Dr. Malysheva indicates that 100 grams of cod liver contains 20 times more vitamin A t

Know the most allergenic foods!

The Russian immunologist, Vladimir Bulibuk, has revealed the most sensitive food items when eating. He said that the most common types of food that are sensitive to atopic dermatitis or eczema are cow's milk, wheat, grains, eggs, poultry and fish. He explained that the allergic reaction may be l

A doctor provides advice for those interested in vaccination against Covid-19

Yevgeny Timakov, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases, said that a person who wants to vaccinate himself with a vaccine against Covid-19 should not suffer from symptoms of respiratory viral infections and from exacerbation of chronic diseases. The doctor added, in a press interview: "This

A Russian doctor talks in detail about the types of symptoms and possible organ damage when infected with Corona

Vladimir Polybuk, a specialist in immunology and allergy, said that when infected with the emerging corona virus, a variety of symptoms and damage to the body parts of the infected person can appear. According to him, some patients have a fever and stomach pain, and some endure the disease withou

Food item that protects against bowel cancer

Nutritionist Svetlana Voss advises to include broccoli in the diet, as it is low in calories and rich in beneficial substances, and eating it regularly improves the functioning of the intestine. According to the doctor, this plant material is high in vitamin 9 (folic acid), vitamin and beta-carot

A doctor talks about the need to receive a second dose of vaccination against "Covid-19"

The head of the department spoke at a Jerusalem hospital, and the immunologist, who is of Russian origin, Dr. Polina Stepitskaya, about the risk that the recipient of the vaccine against the Coronavirus will contract "Covid-19", if he does not receive the second dose. In an interview she gave to

How cell processes round up and dump damaged proteins

In a new paper with results that senior author Eric Strieter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst calls "incredibly surprising," he and his chemistry lab group report that they have discovered how an enzyme known as UCH37 regulates a cell's waste management system.   Strieter says

Food forbidden for Corona patients ... makes the blood thicker

The Russian doctor, Philip Kuzmenko, confirmed that people with Coronavirus should limit the amount of salty foods in their diet. Maintaining the correct balance between water and salt in the body is an obligatory part of treatment for patients with Coronavirus. Kuzmenko says that doctors monito

Talk to Your Brain to Manage Your Pain

Evan Parks Psy.D.*Pain Rehabilitation Flare-ups, shooting pain, cramps, and spasms are daily events for chronic pain sufferers. With random increases in pain, making plans for the week becomes nearly impossible. Wouldn’t it be great to have better control over how and when pain shows up? Well