Don't believe it … 3 common mistakes about marriage

If you are about to get married, you will listen to hundreds of advice and information about marriage, some of which are correct, and some are just common mistakes that have been circulating between generations, and you must distinguish between correct information and rumors, so that you do not fa

5 beauty secrets on your wedding day

Every bride is keen to have her beauty perfect on her wedding day, if you are planning your wedding, there are some aesthetic secrets and tricks that help you to be in your best pictures, read the following lines to learn about the secrets that enhance your beauty on your big day. 1- Brighter smi

For the bride, do not eat these foods on your wedding day

The wedding day is full of details, you are trying to verify that everything is fine, but there is an important thing that you may be missing, which is preparing snacks to eat on your wedding day in order to conserve your energy.Preparing snacks to eat them may seem easy, but you have to choose th

Lipstick colors for the Spring 2021 bride

  The shades and colors of lipstick suitable for the bride who celebrates her wedding during the spring season, from other lipstick colors that are adopted in the rest of the year, as spring is one of the most joyful seasons of the year, which requires lipstick colors that express vitality and

Simple steps to follow to reconcile your fiancé

Problems between the engaged couples are a matter that happens permanently, at the beginning of the acquaintance, each of them begins to discover the nature of the other, and perhaps some collision may occur due to the different acts and habits of both the man and the woman. And if you fall into t

Signs if they appear during the engagement period, think carefully before getting married

The engagement period is a test for the future life between the two parties, by getting to know your fiancé, knowing his qualities, checking his feelings and the extent of compatibility between you, so the female must focus on all the details while dealing with her fiancé. Dr. Iman

Masks embroidered with gold for brides

A goldsmith in the state of Kahramanmaraş, southern Turkey, produced a muzzle embroidered with gold in light of the Corona epidemic, which forced even brides to wear masks. The Turkish jeweler Haji Mustafa Oz launched his unique 30-gram product, worth 14,000 Turkish liras (one dollar = 6,86 liras