How many apples can we eat a day?

Dr. Rima Moiseenko, a Russian nutritionist, explained what are the benefits of apples, and how many apples a person can eat a day in a healthy way. In an interview with Radio "Sputnik", the expert points out that at the end of the summer, a person can get a sufficient amount of vitamins and miner

Which is more useful watermelon red or yellow?

Dr. Olga Korabliova, a Russian nutrition expert, revealed which watermelon is more beneficial for health, red or yellow. In an interview with the Russian RIA Novosti news agency, the expert points out the differences between red and yellow watermelon, and which one contains more calories and vita

Health benefits you do not expect from the most famous summer fruits

Grapes are the most prominent and most famous summer fruit, characterized by their high content of nutrients necessary for the body, and the health benefits they provide to various vital organs, but they provide the liver in particular with many benefits: 1- Preventing the oxidation of liver fats

The health benefits of grapes

Grapes have many benefits, and we mention the most important health benefits of grapes: Reducing cholesterol levels in the body By containing grapes on dietary fiber, active substances and antioxidants, it will have a great role in lowering blood cholesterol, and red grapes in particular contain

What happens in the body when you eat raisins daily?

Russian doctor Tatyana Butcharova, an endocrinologist, revealed the harms and benefits of raisins, explaining the risks that dried grapes can cause. In an interview with the Russian Novosti News Agency, the expert notes that 100 grams of raisins contain 300 calories, but in exchange for this, the

The miraculous benefits of mango

Daily mango helps to reduce the temperature. As well as many unexpected or may be ignorant of many benefits. What are the benefits of mango: 1- It lowers the body temperature It may help lower the body temperature that may reach over 40 ° C due to heat stroke. 2- Treats weakness Heatstrok

Amazing benefits that this berry can bring to your body

"Cranberry, or raspberry," has many health benefits that it provides along with its sour and sour taste, and is usually consumed in the form of juice. Fresh cranberries are made of 90% water, and the rest is divided between carbohydrates, dietary fiber and other nutrients, as 100 grams of raw cra

Fruits rich in protein

Protein-rich foods are very helpful in building muscle and losing excess weight and are often combined with animal sources such as meat, poultry and fish, but it is important to know that there are a range of protein-rich fruits that it is very important to include them in your balanced diet. Gua

The benefits of dates for your health

Dates contain many important health benefits. It is rich in dietary fiber, and contains calcium, iron and magnesium. In addition to vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin K. According to many health media outlets, the calories contained in dates differ, depending on the type. Dried dates are high i

Unexpected benefits of green apples

Apples are a rich source of Vitamin C and a polyphenol that contains the full benefits of apples. It is recommended to eat an apple whole with its peel, as the skin contains half of the fiber and many polyphenols. The health benefits of apples Helps lose weight: It is rich in fiber and water, a

Why is banana a useful option for losing weight?

Eating more fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to improve health. In fact, eating bananas can have many health benefits, whether you are trying to lose weight or improve heart health. To lose weight, it is important to talk to a doctor about developing a safe and effective weight loss

Experts: An apple a day helps you lose a certain weight annually!

Experts claim that eating an apple a day helps burn fat, and eating it before a meal can contribute to a loss of up to 5 kg annually. The fruit's fiber content is said to make you feel full, so eat smaller meals and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. Leading nutritionist Rob Hobson said apples a

Nutritionists reveal the benefits and harms of tangerines

Dr. Tamara Pruntseva, a Russian nutritionist, announced that it is possible to eat 4 tangerines per day. It is a fruit that is good for health, boosts immunity, helps flush out toxins from the body, and improves mood. "The average number of tangerines that can be eaten per day is four, and no mor

Absorption of toxins .. 5 benefits of strawberry on the skin

Strawberries are a natural treasure in the home, and they have many health benefits for the human body, as they contain vitamins in addition to being included in a number of cosmetic industries ... Here are the benefits of strawberries for the skin. 1- The skin gets rid of pimples and reduces the

Banana is a fruit that is highly capable of ensuring a healthy balance in the body

Rijo Latikainen, a Finnish expert in the field of nutrition, declared that bananas are "the undisputed pioneer fruit" for their nutritional benefits and variety of vitamins, and they are the most consumed fruit globally. Bananas, in addition to being rich in nutrients / health such as potassium,

4 fruits raise blood sugar levels

If you suffer from diabetes (2), then you should beware of 4 types of fruits, as they contain high levels of sugar, which may cause some problems. The diet offers the strongest countermeasures against high blood sugar levels, and some items are clearly risky, as snacking on sugary foods leads to

Amazing health benefits of eggplant juice

Health experts have confirmed that consuming eggplant juice regularly provides the body with amazing health benefits. Nutritionists added, that eggplant juice is one of the drinks with an effective effect to get rid of belly fat or "rumen." Due to the fact that it contains many important nutrient

Amazing benefits of yellow and green lemon

When we talk about the benefits of lemon for the body, we usually mean this lemon pulp or juice, but what about its peel, does it have the same benefits or may it contain other additives and features? For her part, nutrition expert Dr. Siham Soukia revealed the benefits of eating the yellow and g