Watermelon salad perfect for picnics

Here’s a quick and easy salad supper for Memorial Day weekend or for anytime. It’s a vegetarian meal that can be made ahead and is easy to take on picnics or serve on your patio. The juicy watermelon, crunchy spiced pecans and manchego cheese lend a contrast of flavor and texture to th


Cranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs. The fruit is a berry which is larger than the leaves of the plant. The fruits are initially white, but they turn deep red when fully ripe. It has a somewhat acidic taste that adds to its sweetness.UsageMost of the cranberries produced are processe


They are the fruits of the olive tree that have been cultivated for more than 5000 years in the Mediterranean. Its oldest cultivation is found to be in what is now Jordan. Olives are cultivated in autumn and winter for olive oil, fine wood, olive leaf and the fruit. They are either green or black


Widely appreciated for its distinctive aroma, fiery red color and juicy taste, strawberry is everybody's favorite fruit. They are red, juicy and have a conical shape. Strawberry's belong to the rose family and are essentially grown for the fruit. Strawberries come in various shapes, sizes and colo


It is a juicy fruit that is grown from March to May in the southern hemisphere, though it can be found all year round as well. It is native to Persia but is not grown all over the world. The fruit and the bark are known to have been used in the cure for diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal parasites


Belonging to the member of rose family, pear is a fruit that is juicy and can have a mildly acidic to sweet taste. It typically has a rounded body that tapers into a neck. Pears are available in different forms: fresh, dried, canned or in the form of juice. The fruit is available in variety of col

How to Properly Store an Avocado Half in the Fridge to Keep it From Going Bad

We’ve all dealt with the annoyance of using just one half of an avocado and putting the other half in the fridge. The next day, you’re going to use it, and it’s completely brown and gross. Avocados are expensive! And there’s no reason you should completely waste half of one

The Papaya

It is a tropical fruit that has a sweet taste, soft texture and are pear shaped. It is native to southern Mexico and Central America. The black seeds of papaya are actually edible and have a peppery taste. Young papaya contains papain and hence has been used as a meat tenderizer for centuries now.

Nutritional Health Benefits of Watermelons

The watermelon is one of the most common fruits and is especially loved during summer. It is succulent and a good fruit during the hot weather. The inner edible flesh is mostly red in color but can also come in yellow, orange, or white. Watermelon is made up of 92% water, and the remaining propor


Orange is a citrus fruit that can be sweet or bitter. Brazil is the world's largest producer of oranges. It is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia. It is a winter fruit that is available mostly in colder climate but now it can be seen most of the year. Its consumption is the healthiest w

How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon, According To A Nutritionist

Juicy watermelon is a satisfying summer fruit with a variety of health benefits. Understanding the benefits and flavor that come from a good watermelon can make choosing the wrong one all the more disappointing. To avoid picking a mushy or flavorless melon, registered dietitian Maggie Moon, M.S., R


Belonging to the same family as cucumber, pumpkin and gourd, watermelon is actually a vegetable! It is, however, consumed as a fruit for it juicy flesh. Watermelon holds almost 92% water content and is considered an ideal health food.The red or pink flesh is secured by thick green rinds that are e


Kiwi fruit or kiwi berry is an edible berry that has a soft texture and a sweet flesh. The fibrous greenish-brown outer portion shields the bright green flesh. The center of the fruit has black tiny edible seeds. Kiwi fruit is now a commercial crop in countries like Italy, France, Greece and New Z


Blueberry, often regarded as Mother Nature’s super antioxidant, ranks as the second favorite fruit in the world after strawberry. From sweet to tart and tangy, blueberries are grown in clusters and range in a size from a pea to a marble. The fruit turns from pale green to dark blue upon ripe

9 Dessert Recipes To Make To Celebrate National Avocado Day

Having long since graduated beyond toast and guacamole, there's almost nothing an avocado can't do. They've become important ingredients in inventive dishes for any meal of the day, dessert included. While they're known for being among those healthy fats that are so important to the ketogenic diet

10 Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are one of the most popular fruits — and for good reason. They're an exceptionally healthy fruit with many research-backed benefits. Here are 10 impressive health benefits of apples.   1. Apples Are NutritiousA medium apple — with a diameter of about 3 inches (7.6 centime

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