Venezuela's oil revenue collapses 99% in six years: Maduro

Venezuela's oil revenue has collapsed 99 percent over the last six years, President Nicolas Maduro said, blaming financial sanctions put in place by the US for much of the loss. The country is home to the world's biggest oil reserves but has seen its economy shrink by more than half under Maduro,

Venezuela's Maduro calls on U.N. members to rally against U.S. sanctions

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday all "countries that defend peace" should rally against U.S. sanctions clamped on the South American country and its allies like Cuba, Nicaragua and Syria. The Trump administration has ramped up sanctions against

Maduro describes Pompeo’s tour in South America a failure

On Friday, Maduro said, “Pompeo is making a military tour in South America, because it has failed. Pompeo’s attempts to force the region’s governments to wage war on Venezuela have failed.” Maduro considered that the administration of US President Donald Trump was seeking,

Maduro: Venezuela buying Iranian missiles 'a good idea'

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday said it would be a “good idea” to look into buying missiles from Iran, a day after Colombia said Venezuela was considering such a plan amid growing ties between Caracas and Tehran, Reuters reports. Iran in May supplied gas

Venezuela's National Assembly investigates oil spill

Venezuela's National Assembly, the only institution which is not controlled by the government, has demanded information on a oil spill which has caused a large slick to be washed up on the shores of Falcón state. Environmentalists warn that if the oil slick continues to spread, it could da

Venezuela: President Maduro’s adviser tests positive

A close adviser to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has said he has been diagnosed with coronavirus. Jorge Rodríguez, Venezuela’s communications minister, said he felt well despite testing positive for the virus and would go into quarantine. “Even though I am in good

How Venezuela lost three oil supertankers to its Chinese partner

A shipping joint venture between Venezuela and China has fallen apart in the wake of U.S. sanctions, resulting in the South American nation losing three supertankers at a time when foreign shippers are reluctant to carry its oil, court documents show. PetroChina Co Ltd (, which had been

Venezuela: Former American soldiers jailed over failed coup

A Venezuelan court has sentenced two former American soldiers to 20 years in jail for trying to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro. Luke Denman and Airan Berry were found guilty of conspiracy, illicit trafficking of weapons and terrorism. The pair were among 13 people arrested in May as t

U.S. to keep backing Venezuela's Guaido after December election, envoy says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration will maintain support for opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate president and expects dozens of other countries to continue recognizing him following Dec. 6 legislative elections that opposition parties plan to boycott, a U.S.

Venezuela produce market is at center of Caracas COVID-19 outbreak

Venezuela capital Caracas’ largest produce market is at the center of a worsening COVID-19 outbreak, but cash-strapped merchants refuse to stop hawking food there for the city’s 5 million residents, many of whom are starving.  FILE PHOTO: Walter Rivera, director of the Coche

U.S. indicts Venezuela's Maduro, a political foe, for 'narco-terrorism'

The U.S. government on Thursday indicted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and more than a dozen other top Venezuelan officials on charges of “narco-terrorism,” the latest escalation of the Trump administration’s pressure campaign aimed at ousting the socialist leader. The State

Venezuela's president urges women to have six children each 'for good of the country'

Millions of Venezuelans may have fled their country to escape a grinding socio-economic crisis, but the country’s embattled president has a novel solution: have more children. “Give birth!” Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan president, said at a televised event promoting a wome

Venezuela says it has proof of anti-Maduro plot in Colombia

The Associated Press - The Venezuelan government presented evidence Saturday 31-8-2019 of what it called paramilitary training camps in neighboring Colombia to plot violent attacks to undermine President Nicolás Maduro. Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez appeared on state televis

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