Brazil set to pass half a million COVID-19 deaths

Only 11% of Brazilians have been fully vaccinated and epidemiologists warn that, with winter arriving in the southern hemisphere and new variants of the coronavirus circulating, deaths will continue to mount even if immunizations gain steam. Brazil has registered 498,499 deaths from 17,801,462 con

Brazil is facing a devastating third wave of Corona

Brazil faces the threat of a devastating third wave of the epidemic due to the slow pace of vaccination, premature easing of restrictions, and the spread of mutated versions of the virus. It is expected that Brazil will record 500,000 deaths by the end of the month, with one of the worst death ra

Brazil’s Anvisa approves Russian Sputnik V vaccine, with conditions

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa on Friday gave the green light for states to import the Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V, but with conditions attached.Anvisa’s board voted 4-1 to grant the conditional approval after more than seven hours of deliberation, following the recommendation of i

Rio de Janeiro drug shootout death toll rises to 28

The death toll from a police raid on a drug gang in a poor Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood on Thursday has risen to 28, civil police said on Friday, the deadliest operation ever carried out by the security forces in the Brazilian city. The bodies of three more victims removed from the fave

Brazil Calls On Countries To Share Spare Vaccines

Countries should share spare vaccine doses with Brazil to help the global fight against Covid-19 and meet the battered country's goal of inoculating all citizens by year-end, Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said on Friday. Speaking to a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing, Queiroga

Brazil’s COVID-19 vaccination program at risk due to 2nd dose no-shows

Brazil's COVID-19 vaccination program is being put at risk by people failing to show up for their second shot, with 1.5 million people missing appointments for the follow-up dose needed to maximize protection, according to the Health Ministry. Specialists say that is particularly concerning after

Brazil's hospitals running out of sedatives as COVID-19 rages

Brazil's hospitals were running out of drugs needed to sedate COVID-19 patients on Thursday, with the government urgently seeking to import supplies amid reports of the seriously ill being tied down and intubated without effective sedatives. Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said Brazil was in tal

Brazil's Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro ease restrictions despite record COVID deaths

Brazil’s Sao Paulo state and the city of Rio de Janeiro are easing restrictions on hospitality businesses and other activities, authorities said on Friday, even as Latin America’s largest country continues to break its own grim records for daily COVID-19 deaths. Sao Paulo will allow c

Brazil's Bolsonaro speaks to Russia's Putin about Sputnik vaccine

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin by telephone on Tuesday about buying and domestically manufacturing the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, Bolsonaro’s office said. Brazil is racing to secure more vaccine supplies as a new wave of COVID-19 pushes

Brazil hopes veterinary facilities can help increase COVID-19 vaccine output

Brazil hopes to use veterinary facilities to increase COVID-19 vaccine output, authorities said on Saturday, as the country accounts for the world’s worst daily death tolls and its vaccination efforts lag. Brazil already makes or finishes coronavirus vaccines at its two main public health i

Brazil detects new coronavirus variant similar to South African strain

Brazil has detected a new Covid-19 variant that is similar to the one first seen in South Africa, the head of Sao Paulo's Butantan Institute said on Wednesday. Brazil, Latin America's biggest country, also registered another record daily death toll. Butantan president Dimas Covas said the patien

Brazil suspends deadline to analyze request for emergency use of Sputnik V vaccine

 Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa said on Sunday that it has suspended the deadline for analyzing a request for the emergency use of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. In a statement on its website, Anvisa said that Uniao Quimica, the company that will manufacture the shots

First Brazilian COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials

Brazil’s Butantan biomedical institute will seek approval on Friday to begin human trials for a potential COVID-19 vaccine, officials said, making it the first shot developed in the country to reach clinical testing. Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria said the goal was to begin inoculations with

Brazil set to pass 300,000 deaths as Bolsonaro pledges more COVID-19 coordination

Brazil is set to pass 300,000 COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday, as President Jair Bolsonaro faces growing pressure to take the snowballing outbreak more seriously, slow its spread and ramp up the country’s vaccination drive. Latin America’s biggest country, already home to the world&rsquo

Brazil in talks with United States for excess COVID-19 vaccines, foreign ministry says

Brazil’s government has been in talks since March 13 about potentially importing excess COVID-19 vaccines from the United States, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said on Twitter on Saturday. The Foreign Ministry and the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, in cooperation with the Health Ministry

Brazilians think COVID-19 outbreak out of control, most fear infection

Almost eight out of 10 Brazilians think the COVID-19 pandemic is out of control in their country and more than half are “very afraid” they will get infected with coronavirus, a new Datafolha poll said on Friday. Those concerns come as President Jair Bolsonaro swaps the health minister

Brazil eyes July for full local production of AstraZeneca vaccine

Brazil could begin full production of AstraZeneca Plc’s COVID-19 vaccine by July if regulators allow, an official at biomedical center Fiocruz said, moving up by 100 days the timeline to produce shots without imported ingredients. Fiocruz Vice President Marco Krieger told Reuters that, if h

Brazil COVID-19 testing shrinks as cases and deaths accelerate

 Brazil has scaled back coronavirus testing in recent months even as infections soar and it recorded the most COVID-19 deaths in the world over the past week, according to Health Ministry data. The result is a nation navigating in the dark, experts said, without the ability to trace and cont